Wa-Daisho City

      Wa-Daisho City is a coastal community of approximately 58,000, built on a small lip that reaches out into the Pacific providing a natural south eastern and western port, the former being considerably smaller than the latter. On the western and southern sides of the city, the city proper is shielded by the impressive Pacific Wall. To the North and East of the city proper are the Inland Walls only slightly smaller, and less impressive, with a gate on the North Western side of the city, allowing access to the Western Port, and then there is a small opening at the South East where there are no walls protecting the city. It is a modern city where high technology is common, and magic is seen daily in the streets. The streets are kept clean - and the structures are safe and uniform in appearance, rather than strewn about here and there. The city is under constant guard under a large number of military personnel specifically assigned to policing activities. Streets and roads are paved and well maintained, the motor vehicles are mostly electric powered, and the city is powered by a network of nuclear reactors kept under constant guard. The places of interest in the city have been outlined for Game Masters and Players alike. You may view these details in one of three ways ;

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Nobunaga Palace

1. Wanese Comodities Store

2. L & N Vibro Weapons

3. International Firearms

4. S-Mart Outlet

5. The Golden Laddle

6. The Arts of Woodworking

7. Lance's Grill & Alehouse

8. Goodie's Bakery

9. Crossed Swords Tavern & Inn

10. Lisa's Pets & Toys

11. Shinto Shrine

12. Church of Dragonwright

13. Temple of Heroes

14. Evangelical Christian Cathedral

15. Akersley Fishing Corporation

16. Akersley Boat Rental

17. United Trappers of Wa-Daisho

18. Butcher Shop

19. The Masterpiece Hair Salon

20. South Bay Lighthouse

21. Histories of Religion

22. Wa-Daisho City Elementary School 1st District

23. Wa-Daisho City High School 1st District

24. Zachary's Hometown Cafe

25. The Stone Tavern

26. The Coinspinner Casino

27. The Wound Healer Clinic

28. Wa-Daisho Merchant Drive

29. University of Wa-Daisho

30. Arcane Theory

31. Grand Imports

32. Alliance Bank

33. Museum of the Golden Age

34. The Diamond Forge

35. Clearwater Custom Jewelers

36. Jay's Pawn & Barter

37. Akersley Fish Market

38. John Wayne Movie Theater

39. Wa-Daisho Import & Export Center

40. Akersley Trade Center

41. Wa-Daisho Public Library

42. Westbay Lighthouse

43. Empty Business: A 220'x130' building, that was formerly a night club that was a front for the crime syndicate operating in the Allied Nations, Midnight Blue. The owner is presently asking for 55,000 plus tax (Total is 58,850 credits plus 1,540 in property tax every year.)

44. Divine Tatoo & Massage Parlor

45. Livery Stable

46. Laoc's Repair

47. Laoc's Fossil Fuel Station

48. Wa-Daisho Civic Center

49. Wa-Daisho City Park

50. The Merchantman's Pub

51. The Merchantman's Inn

52. Akersley Ship Construction

53. Wa-Daisho National Shipyards

54. Republican Smelting Company

55. Republican Durable Materials Manufacturing Facility

56. Rachael's Mercantile Productions

57. Wa-Daisho Silicon & Glassware

Wa-Daisho Underground City

      Although the city of Wa-Daisho is approximately 58,000 strong, an entire fifth of that resides in the underground portion of the city!! The details regarding this underground city may be found at the following page; Wa-Daisho Underground City.

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