The Masterpiece Hair Salon

Owner: Sarah Tike, a former citizen of the Colorado Barony of Hope, owns this establishment. She's a healthy woman - who is by no means a model that will be on the cover of a fashion magazine, but she's not unattractive. She has light brown hair she often wears in a pony tail, and has brownish green eyes. She is a short woman, at 4'9" in height but never lets that get her down. She often flirts with the men, that God made her that way for a reason - followed by a mischievous grin. She's been here since 107PA, and has made a great reputation for both herself and her establishment - but mostly just enjoys giving people hair cuts that they really enjoy. She's quite popular among both the men and women of Wa-Daisho for in style cuts, and just for conversation. She's a bit of a gossip, will swap, and listen to stories for hours, but will never stop working while she listens to each story. All in all she's well liked, however, and never seems to be too busy to take on a new client.
Reputation: Sarah's Masterpiece Hair Salon is known to be a bit on the expensive side at 15-100 credits a cut, depending on the intricacy, but she is considered THE expert on fashionable hair styles in Wa-Daisho. Thus most every woman in Wa-Daisho demands cuts by Sarah, and well to do men may insist on having their hair cut by her to attract the attention of women.
Description of Shop: Sarah's Masterpiece Hair Salon is a wooden building with durable plastic siding that is lemon in color, with deep green trim around the windows and around the base of the roof - the sign outside is mounted on top of the roof, with broad itallic letters that reads, "The Masterpiece Hair Salon", with a smaller font saying the motto of the shop, "If our cuts do not satisfy, we guarantee your' money back!" The one main entrance is a glass door at the front of the 60'x60' single story building, opens to a tiled lobby, with various posters of popular Lazlo & Hope hair styles. Various couches and chairs are here for waiting customers, usually these are half to three quarters full. Scattered about the seating, is an assortment of bright and exotic - though non-dangerous plants from various parts of the continent for decoration. At the main counter is the cash register, as well as a plethora of different hair gels, hair sprays, and salon niceties for purchase at the main counter. Behind this main counter is the twenty chairs kept staffed by only the best stylists on the west coast, but it always seems that Sarah Tike herself does about three quarters of the work in the place. There are rest rooms in the back as well as a small store room, and a small office.
Description of Services: The Masterpiece Salon offers all manner of services that any other Salon would, including hair care, a full variety of hair styles, a manicure services, and similar. All are a tad on the expensive side, but are considered THE best in Wa-Daisho.

Note: Although this is the only stylist location listed in the places of interest of Wa-Daisho City there are also numerous home owners that have small barber shops in their front rooms and such. These places are not necessarily inferior, but lack the assortment, and glamour that Sarah Tikes establishment has.

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