Zachary's Hometown Cafe

Owner: This establishment is funded and owned by Zachary Tobard, a member of the Tenzan Elite. Originally from Lazlo, Zachary built up the Hometown Cafe, as a means of creating a retirement plan for himself. He figures that he only has another decade or two left of Military Service his body can handle, and as such he'll need something else to keep him busy - hence the restaurant. Zachary is presently a Vice General in the Tenzan Elite, is married, and has five children - two of which are grown.
Reputation: It is reputed to be an A+ establishment, with sensibly priced, like home cooked meals.
Description of Shop: This is a large single story establishment, that is approximately 150'x200', of combined brick, and wood construction. It's interior is well lit, with highly polished white tiled floors, round cornered tables in red booths, white highly polished round tables, with red padded chairs in the open. Near the kitchen entrance there is a highly polished white bar, with red stools on one side of it. In the main common room, there is a humongous large screen TV, that constantly plays music videos from all eras. Behind the bar, is a smaller - though still large screen television set that also plays the same video as the large one in the common room.
Description of Services: Zachary's is a family establishment, that provides like home cooked meals, at sensible prices. It is mostly popular with the lower and middle class, but even the higher class young people tend to hang out here on the weekend. It's most popular attraction is the entertainment of course, being the big screen televisions, that constantly play music videos from both after the RIFTS, and a handful of Pre-RIFTS videos that were recovered in a dig somewhere in the East.

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