Arcane Theory

Owner: The owner of this shop is an Elven Ley Line Walker named Warthinsa Silverleaf, and was one of the original residents of the colony James Akersley started back in the late 80s PA - sort of. The way it is told, he did not come across with everyone else, and most certainly not for the same reasons. No one is certain where he came from before Water Point Preserve, but the known story begins in Water Point Preserve. Stories tell that he was forced to move to Vancouver by Authorities in Water Point Preserve. This rumor goes further to state that he laid a curse on a reputable family in Water Point Preserve, that turned out to be quite deadly - after the first two family members passed away, he was exiled to Vancouver Island. Apparently this was done because they expected, or perhaps hoped, that this would stop the curse. They drastically underestimated him however. Within two decades the entire family line had died out. In the meantime, Warthinsa took his exile order with a grain of salt. He built a home by himself set off to the North of the small settlement that was being built at the time, by a few hundred feet. As the first decade wore on, a handful of settler's teenage children became curious, and so started going out to visit the seldom seen elf. In a few months, they became so enthrawled with him, that they became students of the Arcane Theory, and thus became Ley Line Walkers. From there the magic community in Vancouver blossumed. It was only a slight stretch to open up the shop, by that same name, catering to the magic population of the the town of Vancouver. Although people still speculate on Warthinsa's origins, he has done nothing to disturb the peace of the new Republic, or to harm it's citizens - so he is not interfered with.

Game Master's Note: Warthinsa Silverleaf has very little in the way of plots for the future, as he has settled into a nice comfortable life here in Wa-Daisho. He does serve occasionally as an advisor regarding magic and arcane knowledges to the founders of Midnight Blue on occasion, but that is the extent of his shading dealings today. In the past however, he was so very much more than what he is today. At one time Warthinsa Silverleaf was known among the highest circles of magic users as a renegade of incredible power. He dabbled in most forms of magic, and had an understanding of almost all spell magic. His power was legendary, and led him to serving as an advisor to none other than the infamous Nostrous Dunscon! Being single at the time, and not having much in the way of friends due to his rebellious ways - he became strangely detached from the fighting between the Federation of Magic and the Coalition States. Despite this he remained faithful, fought at the side of Nostrous - right down to the last battle for the Grand City. When the Coalition forces approached on the last citadel of power, Warthinsa and the others prepared to cast a massive spell of legend, very similar to the diefic ability of Godblaze (See Dragons and Gods, Diefic Abilities pg 94) to destroy all of the attacking enemies. With little of the Grand City standing, there was little left to lose, and the Coalition forces may have won the war, but they would lose all of their armies in the process. As the spell progressed, and the enemy drew nearer, Warthinsa felt the sudden urge to flee - as he sensed something was about to go terribly wrong, and so teleported away just as the spell was supposed to work. Although his energies were expended into the spell already, and the spell would have continued as normal, a milisecond after his teleportation, the spell collapsed upon itself, and killed many of those present for the spell and left the attackers unharmed. Although Dunscon survived, he was terribly wounded - it was then, that Joseph Prosek the 1st attacked, and killed the nefarious leader of the Federation. Word somehow got out that Warthinsa was responsible for Dunscon's demise, thus he is one of many names on Alistair's LONG list of people who need to die. Fortunately after his flight to the west, he has managed to keep a relatively low profile. Even notables such as Plato of Lazlo, has not learned of who it is specifically that owns Arcane Theory ... thankfully. In game terms if this ever came out, there could be a great deal of people trying to kill or capture Warthinsa - a player group could be on either side of this conflict.

Reputation: Arcane Theory is a dark, musty, and dusty magic shop - that is highly regarded among magic users, but is avoided by most citizens. Most citizens avoid the dark shop like the plague because it is simply that imposing.
Description of Shop: This is a tiny shop, measuring only about 40'x50', constructed of wood, with wooden siding, and wooden shingles. It looks to be much older than it actually is, with the wood appearing to be in a state of disrepair, with unfinished surfaces. The windows are fairly shaded, but if an attempt to see inside is made one can see inside. The only obvious sign that this is a business is the plain wooden sign on the front of the building, with the words "Arcane Theory" and directly under this "Arcana Fomes" (Arcane Theory in Dragonese) being burned into the wood. Inside it is a crowded shop full of old ratty books, some arcane, some ancient. Strange globe like jars hang from copper chains before the large shaded windows, full of sparkling powders, reddish strands of string ... wire, twine, or perhaps hair? Bones of creatures both native and foreign lay scattered about the cluttered shelves in labeled bins. Furs, hides, skins, and scales hang stretched behind the plain stained oaken counter. A rack on the wall behind the counter contains a rack full of vials containing odd powders and liquids of unknown origins. As cluttered and disorganized as the shop may appear Warthinsa knows this shop like the back of his hand. Warthinsa's personal residence is in the basement of this establishment, thus it is very unlikely that any of the characters will be able to "wander" into his home without being too obvious.
Description of Services: Provides magical materials to assist with the workings of magic, items of alchemy, diabolists tools/substances, the occasional magical item, and literature involving magic as well. Histories of magic, and use in various cultures are available, including the theory of magic itself. In depth study of such books may help with attaining the skill of Magic Lore. (GM's disgression) In unseen areas of the shop, Warthinsa keeps the most sensitive materials - including scrolls, and spell books that include virtually all spells Level 1-7. Most Ocean Magic spells levels 1-2 are also available about 75% of the time as well. Warthinsa may also sell spells level 8-12 if contacted through a Midnight Blue Black Market Syndicate contact, or if enough money is offered - 25-50% above the rates listed in the main book he may be willing to provide a scroll or tome detailing how to cast such a spell. Cost of these services always average on the high side, but this comes from supply and demand - Arcane Theory has little in the way of competition this far west.

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