Republican Durable Materials Manufacturing Facility

Owner: Government owned & operated.
Reputation: This establishment is known to produce extremely high quality merctite, a valuable though dense mega-damage resistant metal alloy, as well as good quality ceraphite mega-damage resistant material.
Description of Establishment: This establishment is a large, three story building (approximately 450'x300'), built in the same fashion as the Republican Smelting Plant, with a Merctite frame, covered in specially treated sheet steel. Thus, it's easy to punch holes in it, but knocking the structure down is very difficult.
Description of Services: This plant uses space age technologies to form two different types of high strength materials. Ceraphite is a non-metallic type of construction material made extensively with a blend of ceramic and graphite layers creating an ultra strong material. Merctite is a metallic alloy of Mercury and Titanium. These two when mixed in their gaseous state are mixed together in a compressed chamber. This chamber then compresses the gasses further into a carbon mold at which time a supercooled bonding agent is injected into the already compressed mixture, rapidly solidifying the material to what is known as merctite. Somehow the chemical properties of mercury and titanium combined made a super solid, though heavy armor plate. Typically this establishment produces "small" materials, like I-Beams, armor plates, vehicle parts, and similar. Creation of hulls for ships and such is left to the separate facilities in the ship yards. Prices are usually fair to good, but to nations or individuals they really don't want to sell to, they can mark up their prices terribly high.

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