Wa-Daisho S-Mart Outlet

Owner: Ace Ripley, Owner of S-Mart.
Reputation: This shop is more like a corporate office than like an outlet of any other business. They are known for being well supplied, a bit by the book and inflexible, but reliable. Prices are identical to that of items straight from the factory - which these are. (See also Weapons Tax & Sales Tax for additional charges from the Republican Council.)
Description of Shop: This shop is located across the street from L & N Vibro-Weapons and International Firearms. It is a two story, 100'x90' building with it's entire face being glass, and having double doors for entry in the front, a large, hangar type door on the East side of the building, and a pair of service doors on the same east side wall. Inside of the glass face a highly polished specimen of each of S-Mart's yearly models of civilian vehicles are visible, along with modifications and specifications of each vehicle on a holographic plaque that displays on the front window of the vehicles. The display room here leads further into the building, where a large lobby is arranged, with plush furniture, potted trees of medium size, and well dressed service reps attending to each person or party which enters. Bathrooms dominate the west wall, in addition to several desks and a cabinette full of catalogs. If the individuals are interested in a fire arm or weapon of some model, one of the vehicles in the window, or any body/power armor produced by S-Mart, they will lead the characters to rooms in the back. (If of something else, like a robot vehicle, large cargo truck, etc. they will be brought each a cup of coffee, cider, or tea - and a clean looking binder with crisp laminated pages with photographs and specifications of various S-Mart wares, that may be ordered and delivered to this outlet.) In the rooms to the back of the building, solid glass cases display the items in question. The Body/Power Armor room, contains one complete suit of each model of armor created currently by S-Mart. These are standing upright in the display cases, with the entire floor of the display case, being a light - illuminating it from the ground up. Specifications, may be called up at the push of a button on the side of the glass case surrounding the armor suit. This will then be projected down from the ceiling onto the display case glass. Any information the individual may be interested in from materials constructed out of, to the specific duration of oxygen contained within the armors environmental systems. In the firearms/weapons rooms it's much the same, only large glass cases are built into the walls, with a button next to each weapon for holographic information to be projected down on the item. Those interested in civilian vehicles, are led to a room to the far back which contains an assortment of vehicles of all sorts of colors - most, but not all being electric powered. The service rep will talk to the individual, and offer to give the characters a ride around town a little bit to get a feel for the vehicle, all the while the rep will be talking about how the vehicle is superior to others available. (Fuel consumption rate, charge rates, accelleration, durability, maintenance worries - or lack there of, etc.) To the western side of the display room for the civilian vehicles is a repair bay where most any vehicle type may be repaired. Note that any weapon, or vehicle that has built in weapons requires for the S-Mart service rep to inform the customer of a local rule regarding the acquisition of such weapons and that is; Any weapon that is bought here, must be paid for (see taxes, and reputation above for charges over and above the listed price) and then set to the side. A receipt will be given to the purchaser of the weapon, which must then in turn be taken to the local police department for the purchase of a license for that particular weapon, then and only then can the weapon be taken with.
Description of Services: The Wa-Daisho S-Mart Outlet is the specialist in S-Mart wares in this city, and thus they promote and sell MANY items, weapons, and vehicles of S-Mart make. The shop also has a service bay where pretty much ANY vehicle type may be repaired, however a 10% discount is offered to any who are having an S-Mart vehicle or item repaired here.

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