Lance's Grill & Ale House

Owner: Sir Lance Olgmann, a Cyber-Knight who is a bit of a Warhound (See RIFTS Siege on Tolkeen Book 4: Cyber-Knights for details), runs Lance's Grill & Ale House. He is a jovial character of Scrupulous alignment, but he enjoys the brawls as much, if not more than the patrons that engage in them in his ale house! Lance retired from the Tenzan Elite about five years ago, and has since settled down here for a "calm" life. He has taken a wife, has two sons, a daughter, and a pet German Shepard named Max. He is a braggart, and is quick to display his many trophies from years of fighting and adventuring both in and out of the Tenzan Elite.
Reputation: The reputation of Lance's Grill & Ale House is a good one. It's owner is generally well liked, and well respected in Wa-Daisho - as well as among the Cyber-Knight orders. It is typically frequented by warrior classes, it can get a bit rough, so families tend to steer around it. The criminal element in Wa-Daisho also tends to steer away from it as well however, due to the large numbers of troops and knights that frequent it.
Description of Shop: This single story brick establishment measures approximately 80'x80' with it's front side facing towards the Coin Spinner Casino across the street to the south. The north west 30'x30' most portion is partitioned off as the kitchen with spaces for orders and such to be placed by the bartenders and waitresses, with the bar lining the kitchen walls in towards the kitchen. Relatively cheap round tables provide the majority of table area, with basic wooden chairs and stools for seating. Decor of the establishment is very much military and adventurer oriented, with numerous mementoes from battles Sir Olgmann has been in, hanging on the walls in glass cases. The bar itself is actually quite unique - and is the most decorative feature in the establishment. It is built from hard cedar wood, with coins of all different sorts both from before and after the apocalypse set into the wood along the upper most edge, and bladed weapons of various sorts also set into the wood towards the center of the bar, most of which were attained in battle. For protective purposes, the surface of the bar is completely covered in a plastic coating, both on the top, bottom, and sides - a mega-damage material, similar to that used in armor visors (45 M.D.C.). Rest rooms are clean, and are found in the North East corner of the establishment.
Description of Services: Lance's Grill & Ale House provides greasy food and quality drink to the warrior classes in Wa-Daisho. It opens usually around 4 PM, and does not close until around 4 AM. Prices are fair, but the bar can get a bit roudy - fights will not be broken up unless the fights start getting deadly; and Lance can be very persuesive when weilding a psi-sword against the antagonists. Entertainment in the establishment usually is composed of a house band, a handful of pool tables, and a number of dart boards.

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