Merchant Drive

Owner: Government owned and regulated.
Reputation: The Merchant Drive/Square of some communities are considered shady places, where one must watch his or her wallet as much as he or she may be looking for deals. In Wa-Daisho however, the Merchant Drive is well patrolled, with anywhere from 16 to 32 soldiers patrolling it at any time.
Description of Establishment: Merchant Drive is a curved loop road that swings up from the city proper towards the entrance to the underground portions of the city, before swinging back down towards the city, set there as an open space meant for independant merchants to set up their carts or tables.
Description of Services: Merchant Drive is a location for traveling merchants and craftsmen to sell their wares to the populace of Wa-Daisho. There are regulations that cover how long such a merchant may remain in business without a permit, however those are covered under Various Living Expenses of Wa-Daisho. Such items that may be regularly found here are furs, leather goods, home spun clothing, carvings, various artwork, food vendor carts, used goods, game carts, snake oil vendors, and similar.

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