Laoc's Fossil Fuel Station

Owner: Laoc Kettlebrew, a dwarven engineer from out east somewhere heard of Wa-Daisho a few years back, and coming to investigate he discovered that repair facilities in this little town, were few and far between. Figuring he could make a killing in the meager market, he jumped in with both feet. He seems as though he's perpetually woken up on the wrong side of the straw mat, despite the fact that his plan has worked out better than he'd ever intended. Despite this, he'll never chase a customer away with grump - he may be cantankerous by nature, but he's not a fool.
Reputation: The Fossil Fuel Station is regarded as a convienient place to stop, get fuel, and pick up little this and that items that might be of use around the house. Many people insist that the price of the fuel is far too high, that it's Laoc's greed that places it so high. Although analysts insist that his prices are fairly close to the actual ones suggested for this region, Laoc actually attains his shipments from a friend of his down in the Pecos, that sends him his fuel for about 7 credits a gallon, including shipping costs.
Description of Shop: Laoc's Fossil Fuel Station is in similar condition to the Repair shop, as it is not exactly a spic and span looking establishment. Given the close proximity to Wa-Daisho's Civic Centers, several times in the last five years, he's had to have the place repainted, cleaned up, repaired, or flat out overhauled, because he uses only the cheapest materials and supplies possible to keep his "Shack" up. It's composed of a wooden structure, with plexiglass windows at the front - which seem to perpetually be slightly fogged, and a single glass door. Although of sturdy construction, he has a tendency to buy cheap fixtures. Besides that, the white paint, the cheapest chalk based paint he could acquire, was so cheap that within two months of being painted, it was already beginning to flake and fade off of his place of business. He never paid it much mind however, and just continued to go about business as usual. In the opinion of his mother, "Can't fix a tranny with a good paint job!" Inside, it's much the same. The door handles are cheap, or broken - locks won't work, so have been jury rigged with home made locks and what not. The place doesn't look like it's only five years old, it looks more like twenty or thirty. The sound of old second hand refrigeration units, cooling soda pop, fills the room upon entrance, and the selection of items always seem a little on the high end, but for convenience it cannot be beat.
Description of Services: Laoc's Fossil Fuel Station offers all manner of fuel resources to customers, everything from Kerosene to low end, leaded gasoline is available for about 20 credits a gallon. Inside, motor oil, candy, soda pop, and other convenience items may be found available, at slightly above retail prices.

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