Grand Imports

Owner: This business was recently purchased from the government of Wa-Daisho by an ambitious young businessman by the name of Jason Reid. Jason is in his mid 20s, graduated from the University of Wa-Daisho in 114PA, and is planning to expand this business line to an international chain. Although for the time being, he is setting up this shop to be a more effective business place to draw him the capital he needs to start other businesses.
Reputation: Grand Imports has been in business since early after Wa-Daisho began accepting outside comerce, under the name of General Imports. It was formerly a government funded agency, and thus it gained a great deal of approval from the populace due to their fairness in business. Jason Reid has capitalized upon that trust and approval, by advertising more ambitiously, while increasing the prices in the store while offering, "Out of This Dimension!" savings, that in reality only fall slightly short of the old retail values. Despite this, most people have little noticed the changes, and accept it as they always have.
Description of Shop: Grand Imports resembles a classic Kmart or Walmart of Pre-RIFTS times, built of cinder block style bricks, with a large area of glass in the front, and glass doors leading into the building. One of Jason's "radical" changes, has been to add a more attractive face to the building. Thus he has had the upper portions of the building painted very light blue - more a bluish white, with a red stripe at about the half way point, and dark blue below that. He has purchased approximately seventy custom built carts for customers, and has replaced the generic white sign with bold black letters that read General Imports with a grand illuminated blue sign, that reads "Grand Imports", in stylized itallic letters. The inside has been completely redesigned with impressive looking displays being arranged, special promotions and deals being held in all areas of the establishment, with a registration booth at the front of the shop being set up for a weekly drawing held for a free prize of some sort, television, bicycle, vid disc player, etc.
Description of Services: Among the products carried by this establishment are; imported foods, household items, nicknacks from various parts of the continent, seashells, jewelry, tools, survival equipment, and even a small weapons section. Among the weapons regularly stocked are Wilks 320s, NG-33s, Bandito Arms IP-10s, and Tritonian Industries BG-15 Blue-Green Laser Pistols. They also carry a modest armor selection, including common selections such as those displayed in the main RIFTS book.

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