Wa-Daisho City Park

Owner: Government Owned & Maintained.
Reputation: An attractive bit of public land, used by many for picnics, walks, meditation, and general relaxation. Not all people spend time here, but a large percentage of them enjoy visiting the City Park once in a while.
Description of Park: A large flat bit of well maintained park land about the size of a foot ball field, that is framed by a row of nearly 20' tall oak trees on each side of the city park. At the south end of the park there is a beautiful white marble fountain, that displays a lithe woman in what looks like a gossamer gown among trees, plants, and wild life - obviously a Nymph. Through the trees, and such, there are three fountains that spray water up in the air, to where it rains down over the magical scene. Around the fountain, is first a walking path, to where visitors can walk completely around the fountain, then around that there is a "boulevard" of sorts that is covered in a beautiful flower bed - mostly white flowers, with red ones spelling out the words "Republic of Wa-Daisho". The grounds are well maintained, and are kept in beautiful condition, despite the heavy traffic it sees. Directly to the North of the fountain, is the Wa-Daisho Civic Center.
Description of Services: No real services are provided by this park, save for the well being of the people. People come here fairly regularly, to spend time, take a walk, ponder the fountain - sit under the trees, or have family outtings. On the 15th of every month a Republic held picnic called the "Status of the Republic Picnic" is conducted right here in this park. This allows people to meet with the Republican Council members, meet with their neighbors, and discuss topics that require everyone's input. Note that when the weather is bad, they are held in the Civic Center. Also mention of this picnic, and details, are located on the Wa-Daisho Holidays page.

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