Wa-Daisho City Elementary School 1st District

Owner: Government owned and staffed on government payrolls. Every two years a new Dean, usually selected from the teachers on staff, is elected and serves as spokesman and supervisor for the school over all.
Reputation: Wa-Daisho City Elementary School 1st District was the first elementary school in Wa-Daisho, and taught both the native citizens' children, and those of the construction crews as well during the early days of Wa-Daisho. People who attended here, say that the education there was fun, effective, and look back on their times there mostly with fond memories. Only in the last three years has the school started to have any bad press, because of the lack of class room space.
Description of Establishment: This is a large campus like school capable of educating up to 2,000 children at a time, constructed of white painted cinder block, with red trim. It is three stories tall, has an immense gymnasium, a well stocked library, full computer services with WaNet access, a fully equipped fitness center, and an indoor recess/lounge area.
Description of Services: Provides basic educational facilities to students of 5 years to twelve years of age. Students are divided into seven different grades, starting with "Introductory Student" then up through 1st Class, 2nd Class, 3rd Class, etc - to 6th Class. Students are taught to speak and read American, basic mathematics, rudimentary history of North America since the catacalysm, a tad about Pre-RIFTS Earth, as well as a basic understanding for the RIFTS, magic, and technologies. In addition to skills, students are also taught tolerance and understanding for the differences between each of the races. Discipline, honor, tolerance, and respect are among the most important lessons they strive to teach here.

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