The Diamond Forge

Owner: The Diamond Forge is owned by Aben Wu, an Anarchist aligned, level 23 Stone Master, who happens to be a Chiang Ku Dragon - unbeknownst to most citizens of Wa-Daisho. He is over 3,000 years of age, and has been to Earth on many occasions throughout it's history - but admits that he likes this era more than any other he has been here during. To complete his masquerade as "human" he goes by the name of "Galdus", and takes the form of a 6'8" hairless ebony skinned human, with bright golden eyes - and typically wears flowing robes of dark colors. His claim to fame here in Wa-Daisho is his ability to transform nearly worthless coal, into diamonds. Most Stone Masters are NOT capable of this, but he has learned to manipulate the minerals that compose coal, into it's super dense, super valuable transmuted form. Just the same, he has learned to manipulate metals as well. Among his peers he even brags that it was he who set man in the middle ages to struggle towards that enigma that was Alchemy, that was in actuality impossible in this world when it was magicless. He still laughs away the evenings when thinking of just how man struggled centuries to achieve what he can do in an evenings time. He works five days a week, with the two days taken at his whim whenever in the week, and works year round. On December 1st however, he leaves his shop, and goes south. Without fail, by January 1st, he returns. No one really knows where he goes...

Game Master's Note: Aben Wu is actually a spy sent to Wa-Daisho to conduct espionage against this island nation, by none other than Lord Splynncryth of Atlantis. Lord Splynncryth, although content with his place in Atlantis, is always curious of the goings on in other parts of the world. This "heroes" realm that Nyan Tamya has created, fascinates him, and he seeks to keep a close eye on it. He has toyed with the idea of testing it's defenses by waging war against it, but for the time being, he wants to see how long until Wa-Daisho's outspoken nature gets it destroyed/mauled by it's own actions. Aben Wu makes his report once a year, during December - usually by metamorphing into a large bird of some sort, and flying the distance from the mainland to Atlantis. His primary mission is to report the morale an opinion of the populace on a number of subjects, and to create a network of informants who are blissfully unaware of who they are working for. Note that Nyan Tamya IS aware that Galdus is a Chiang Ku Dragon, but he is not aware of any ulterior motives this serpent may have by setting up shop.

Reputation: The Diamond Forge is a high class establishment that caters to the wealthy. It is highly regarded among the upper classes to own at least one or two such diamond sculptures. On the other hand, people tend to find the little shop more than a little creepy so they stay away from it, unless they really have the money and desire to have the prestige of owning such a sculpture.
Description of Shop: This is a tiny shop, measuring only about 40'x50', constructed of wood, with wooden siding, and red earthenware shingles. It is in great condition the wood of the siding being stained, varnished, and polished to a shine. The windows (High SDC plastic) are clearly visible from the main street, with numerous diamond sculptures and trinkets being visible on display beyond. The sign on the front of the building is white, with a sparkling diamond drawn on the right hand side, with the words "The Diamond Forge" being written in grand scrawl work, on the white background, in black letters. Inside it is kept like a jewelry store with everything under lock and key, in glass cases - all made of high SDC materials, or MDC glass for the most precious of creations. All of the creations on display here are a cloudy white crystaline material - authentic diamond, of ceremonial daggers, swords, eating utensils, vases, small figurines of dragons, beautiful women, pegasus, busts of famous people, animals of all sorts, plants, and miniatures of buildings - including Nobunaga Palace. The one other item of interest is a large glass case behind the main counter, that contains a full sized suit of armor made of the same opaque white diamond, a diamond blue visor, and details, as well as crystal clear detail portions. To any who can see magic energy they can tell that this suit of armor IS magical. (GM's note, according to Galdus, this is his masterpiece. He is correct in saying this, but what he fails to ever mention is that it has been magicked, and is in reality a RUNE statue!!)
Description of Services: Provides high class muckamucks with beautiful diamond sculptures and items, at a cost of 5,000 credits per finished ounce, which is really a high turn around since coal is basically dirt cheap, right here in Wa-Daisho. Note that Galdus does take custom orders, but he can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months to get around to it, due to such a large back order, and being of a lazy nature as it is. The suit of armor is NOT for sale. Note that items made of diamond are very impractical for actual use, and weigh four times as much as the original artifact.

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