The Arts of Woodworking

Owner: Terry Thorne, once a wilderness scout, now turned craftsman, due to the loss of a leg in a wilderness encounter he never talks about - and refusing prosthetics. He lives in the back of his expansive shop, with two female timber wolves named Aegis and Gungnir.
Reputation: Terry's work is considered art by many - his work is of the highest quality, and although expensive are highly sought after.
Description of Shop: The Arts of Woodworking is a large single story, 100'x80' shop located between The Golden Laddle and Lance's Grill & Ale House, and across the street from the Coinspinner Casino. The front entrance, facing to the South, is where all of the shops services are provided. This has a large show room dominating the front portion of the shop, plus rows upon rows, of shelves, dressers, wooden framed mirrors, picture frames, and wooden sculptures on the east and west side of the large show room. The rear most 20'x100' part of the shop is Terry's home and work shop, with a separate entrance to the street there, as well as a garage door entry for Terry's vehicle. People are almost never invited back there, and the two wolves he lives with do not warmly welcome strangers without Terry being with them. The shops hours are usually from 12 PM to 8 PM, with Terry using his time in the mornings to work on new projects. Custom orders are taken, but take anywhere from a week to several months to attain due to the high demand for his intricate works.
Description of Services: The Arts of Woodworking provide high quality wood work in the form of fashionable furniture, wooden sculptures, and other decorative wooden fixtures. Custom orders are taken, plus a large stock of wooden items are on display for selection as well.

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