Nobunaga Palace & Wa-Daisho's City Walls

      Nobunaga Palace and the City Walls took a great deal of time to build, with the ultimate goal of keeping the people of the City of Wa-Daisho safe. Now that Wa-Daisho is a Republic that claims all of Vancouver Island, such heavy defenses of the city seem almost silly now - however they are still in place, and continue to protect the bulk of the population of the city, the cradle of the Republic of Wa-Daisho. Described first is Nobunaga Palace, formerly the capital building, it now serves as a military base and as the home of Nyan Tamya. Further down the page however is a description, and the statistics to the walls of Wa-Daisho.

Nobunaga Palace

      This was one of the first major structures to be built after the plans to build the city of Wa-Daisho were made. It is a sprawling fortress completely surrounded by a wide though decorative moat, with four steeply angled walls with a jutting lip at the top, in direct relation to the four sides of the compass. At the North West and North East corners of the walls, is a large turret structure that can swivel around to cover all of the northern, western, and eastern walls of the fortress. Centered in the middle of each of the walls is an enclosed battery of energy weapons, that protrudes from above the walls enough for a clear field of fire. At the South Western corner of the walled enclosure is a Pagoda tower that is three stories high. The South East corner of the walled enclosure involves an elaborate gate house, with numerous barriers, and several magical and technological safe guards to fight against invaders. The center of the enclosed structure is of course the main keep of Nobunaga Palace, surrounded by a small 15' across, moat. This too is a Pagoda structure with three main components all joined together - all elevated above the fortress floor by a large sloping foundation that elevates the keep 20' into the air. Facing North to South is the smallest of the three segments, a 90' high gate tower that leads into the keep. The main tower is a much larger structure that meets the smaller gate tower at the North Eastern Corner of the gate tower, and the south western corner of the main keep. The main keep faces west to east in it's girth - and towers a whopping 125' into the air. Although not quite the smallest, being itself only barely larger than the gate tower, a secondary tower rises from the eastern wall of the main keep, that is too 90' high.

      In the early days of Wa-Daisho's history, this fortress served as the primary defense against invasion of the newly forming city. Anything that would get within a few miles of Nobunaga Palace would be warned away - or would be fired upon. Few have dared to try to enter it's walls uninvited - and only a small handful ever have and only due to incredible powers at their disposal. In those days it served primarily as the main base command of Wa-Daisho's armed forces, as well as a capital building where all major decisions are made. After Wa-Daisho became a Republic however, and her military strength grew - as well as a city growing up around the Palace, it became less and less of a capital building - and more the home of Nyan Tamya, and the base of operations for the Tenzan Elite. Still it is a major military fortification, is kept in top shape, and is always manned with a full garrison of troops.


      Nobunaga Palace is a heavy fortification, perhaps the most major fortification rimming the Pacific. It is built using mega-damage concrete - which is actually more like a super dense ceramic, similar to that used in body armor. It is fashioned artistically to appear to be Japanese in origin, according to the specifications of the founder, Nyan Tamya. Despite this, it is intended to take an incredible amount of punishment. The keep and tower walls are armored to at least 25 inches in thickness, while the walls that protect the palace court yard is actually nearly solid walls of 216 inches of hard mega-damage concrete - less near the gun placements to provide for electronics and such. As one can imagine - a battle ship hull with 20 inches of Pre-RIFTS hardened steel armor is considered incredibly tough, especially when angled - all of the walls surrounding the court yard are sloped, and the ceramic even at 20 inches of thickness would have been considered 100 times as tough as a battleships armor, so even heavy bombardment of vessels like the Javelin Class Battleships are not likely to phase these walls much. In game use, regard the walls are impenetrable by anything less than weeks on end of bombardment - and even then, only if heavy artillery, or true nukes are in use. (In the latter case, it's more likely that the entire surrounding area will glow bright green with radioactivity before the walls are penetrated!) The towers, buildings, and keep are all another matter however - consider them as the following. However as a GM, I must warn my fellow game masters - use destruction of things like this as being matters of either awe, or something major to be destroyed - but don't make it too easy. If you feel that these stats are unrealistic, adjust them according to your' game, if you feel that they should be even tougher - say you're running a campaign of CS fighter pilots - have them hammering this ROCK for weeks on end seemingly with little or no effect! It'll be frustrating yet incredibly rewarding when someone does manage to destroy it. Anyway - enough pep talk, here are the stats I've used for our game;

Palace M.D.C. by Location:
    Northern Turret Buildings(2)-10,200 each.
    Northern Turrets(2)-2,200.
    Northern Battery(1)-1,550
    Battery Towers(4; 2 on the west and east walls.)-1,250 each.
    Battery Tower Cannons(3 per tower)-175 each.
    Garrison Barracks(2; Both near the southern wall)-650 each.
    South East Tower-15,500.
    Gate Tower (Main Keep)-25,000.
    Secondary Tower (Main Keep)-36,000.
    Main Keep Body-75,000.
    Techno-Wizard Force Field (Described Below)-6,000.

***NOTE: I've been promising floor plans for Nobunaga Palace now for almost five years. Rest assured, I have ALL but the top floor of the main keep mapped out to scale on graph paper. I'm hoping that once I get Paint Shop Pro back up and running, sometime in the next few weeks - I'll be able to scan them up and post them here!


      As mentioned before, the construction alone is an incredible defense. The palace is surrounded by a clean, man made moat that is 25' across, and 30' deep. The only access, without magic, is a permanent bride at the south eastern corner of the palace, that is easily blown in times of siege, and a retractable bridge at the North Eastern corner. The heavily armored walls are sloped slightly being widest at the bottom, with a jutting lip at the top of the walls, making scaling difficult - and nearly impossible with the heavy energy weapon stations that overlook the walls. Among the passive defenses numerous magical wards guard the entire palace from alien intelligences, numerous evil deities, and their known lieutenants that are not overly fond of the Tamya family. A techno-wizard force field is also able to be erected over the court yard, that meets the tops of the walls, and covers all of the buildings within. This elaborate system, was devised using P.P.E. generators, that can allow the force field to be set up and to function up to a hundred times per day.

      With the strength of the walls - the main gate is considered to be extremely vulnerable, comparatively - thus an elaborate gate house surrounds the gate. There are three separate sets of doors that can be closed here to stop would be attackers and invaders. Defending these two corridors between the gates, are two LARGE energy cannons that are directed into these corridors. There is virtually no way to escape these when trapped between the gates - due to the beam spreading devices they are fitted with. To make matters even worse for invaders - the walls of the gate house, are enchanted to be impervious to energy and fire.

      As with any fortress it's defenses are only as good as the men that man it's walls and defensive systems. There are 106 members of the Red Devils that stand guard over the fortress at all times, plus twelve members of the Tenzan Elite. Eight of these are sworn to protect the armory level of the main keep, and four of them escort Riko Tamya wherever she goes - but remain on the third floor if she is to be in her home. Additionally, two lesser water elementals reside in the moat, and four lesser air elementals glide on the wind in and around the Palace at all times.


      Nobunaga Palace is very well armed, as it was intended to serve as a primary defense for the budding city of Wa-Daisho. Since the city has grown, and the outer walls have been completed it's importance and uses are slightly less vital than they were in those days. The weapons however are maintained, and used in the event of air defense or for defending against attackers coming from within the city. Thankfully attacks of both types are extremely rare in these times. The weapons of Nobunaga Palace are described below;

1. North West & North East Turrets: These large turrets were installed on that wall to provide great protection to any attacks from the North on the island of Wa-Daisho. When the Tenzan Elite first arrived on the island, they embarked on a purge of any dangerous forces located on the lower portions of the island - the most dangerous opponents were pirates that had established a base to the north of Wa-Daisho on the eastern coast of the island. Hence the reasoning behind these turrets. Each turret contains one heavy laser cannon, that has it's origins on Phase World. During the time that Wa-Daisho was founded, Nyan had just returned from Phase World to study it, and record as much about it as he could. During that time he'd developed many contacts, that could attain such equipment for him. Each turret can swivel 90 degrees side to side from their direction facing due north west/east, and can raise up to 55 degrees, or lower to -20 degrees. It's crew, is composed of a systems operator, and a gunner - who's crew compartment is in the turret itself.
Primary Purpose: Defense.
Secondary Purpose: Anti-Aircraft.
Mega-Damage: 2D4x100 M.D. per heavy laser laser cannon blast.
Rate of Fire: Can fire up to four blasts per melee, and requires a cooling period of 20 minutes after every 30 blasts.
Maximum Effective Range: 5 miles - or 30,550' (Nautical Miles).
Payload: Effectively Unlimited, due to each turrets independent nuclear power supply - however, the turrets are limited to how often they can fire without damaging the weapon.
Targeting: Each turret has an extensive targeting system that involves range finders, a HUD, and a tone system - providing a +3 to strike.

2. Northern Battery: The Northern Battery is a long rectangular building with three wide gun ports open for the heavy laser cannons mounted within. In the middle a powered articulated mount is located, with a seat at the back, and is operated by one user. This mount incorporates two heavy laser cannons that can be swiveled back and forth approximately 30 degrees to each side, and can lower to point down the length of the wall (about -60 degrees) or can raise to 40 degrees of elevation. The other two positions are lighter laser cannons, but are still incredibly heavy in fire power by Earth standards. These are mounted on hinged pintle mounts that must be manually turned, pointed, and fired each by an independent gunner. These can swivel approximately 70 degrees to each side, can raise 70 degrees, and can lower to -60 degrees.
Primary Purpose: Defense.
Secondary Purpose: Anti-Personnel.
Mega-Damage: The heavy mount, has two laser cannons that inflict 3D6x10 M.D. per blast each - which both CAN be fired simultaneously!! The two lighter, though still heavy laser cannons on pintle mounts each inflict 2D6x10 M.D. per blast.
Rate of Fire: Equal to the gunners hand to hand attacks.
Maximum Effective Range: 2,000' for the lighter laser cannons, or 2 miles - 12,220'.
Payload: Effectively unlimited; The entire Northern Battery has an independent nuclear power supply.
Targeting: The heavy mount in the middle has a range finder as well as a cross hair sight - providing a +2 to strike. The lighter weapons too have cross hair sights, which provide a +1 to strike.

3. Western and Eastern Batteries (4; 2 per side): These batteries are very similar to the Northern gun battery. The only differences between these four batteries is that instead of having two light mounts and one heavy mount, these each have three light gun mounts. See the Northern Battery for details on these.

4. South Eastern Tower Turret: At the top of this tower, is a heavy remote control laser turret. This laser turret can swivel 360 degrees, and it's quad laser cannons can elevate up to 80 degrees, or lower down to -60 degrees. It is operated by a pair of individuals in the basement of the South Eastern tower, one who operates the guns, the other who operates as a spotter/target designator, and monitors the gun systems.
Primary Purpose: Defense.
Secondary Purpose: Anti-Aircraft.
Mega-Damage: 1D6x10 M.D. per laser blast, or 4D6x10 M.D. per quad laser blast.
Rate of Fire: Equal to the gunner's hand to hand attacks.
Maximum Effective Range: 1 mile - 6,110'.
Payload: Effectively unlimited, thanks to the independent nuclear power supply.
Targeting: The targeting computer of this weapon system is a heads up display with a display in a pair of helmets as shown by a wide angle camera mounted between the laser barrels. This system provides a bonus of +3 to strike.

5. Guard Turrets(9): These nine wall mounted turrets are really nothing more than shielded pintle mounts on top of the wall, with a ladder behind it for access. There is one on the West wall, two on the North wall, three on the west wall, and three on the south wall. Each one has a pair of laser cannons mounted on it, and is operated by one gunner. He can angle the gun to face straight down the length of the wall (-60 degrees), or can elevate the gun up to 85 degrees. The guns swivel side to side as well, but it is awkward to swing them to angle more than 70 degrees to either side.
Primary Purpose: Defense.
Secondary Purpose: Anti-Aircraft.
Mega-Damage: 1D6x10 M.D. per blast, or 2D6x10 M.D. per twin blasts.
Rate of Fire: Equal to the gunners hand to hand attacks.
Maximum Effective Range: 2,000'.
Payload: Effectively unlimited, thanks to the independent nuclear power supply.
Targeting: Targeting is composed only of a cross hair targeting sight, providing a +1 to strike.

6. Gate House Blaster: The gate house attached to the main wall, leading into the Palace, is a notorious defensive system designed to vaporize enemy personnel who have gotten themselves trapped between the doors. The walls surrounding this weapon system are impervious to energy, and there is virtually no way to escape the beam splitting system that expands the beam like a shot gun. The only defense is not to be there in the first place. The two laser cannons that do this, are operated by one man - the gate keeper, and he is only allowed to use this system under prior authority because of it's sheer deadly qualities.
Primary Purpose: Defense.
Secondary Purpose: Anti-Personnel.
Mega-Damage: 800 M.D.! (Point Blank.)
Rate of Fire: One blast every other melee.
Maximum Effective Range: Will clear out everything in the entry ways, between the doors.
Payload: Effectively unlimited, thanks to the independent nuclear power supply.
Targeting: Not Applicable.

7. Retracting Missile Launchers(3): These missile launchers were installed to provide Wa-Daisho with it's ranged weaponry, against would be attackers. For the most part, they were installed - in case the Coalition States ever were to decide to try to mount some sort of attack against Wa-Daisho - in which case, Wa-Daisho would nuke the attacking forces until they were the new "glow in the dark corps". These are located in three locations in the court yard, one near the north east turret tower, one near the gate tower of the main keep, and one near the eastern wall. To operate, a panel covering over the missile tubes will open up, allowing for the missile(s) to be fired upward, from there they will search out their programmed target. Operation of this weapon system is complicated, requiring at least one man of Vice Admiral or Vice General rank or higher to give an access code only men of that rank would know, and a gunner.
Primary Purpose: Anti-Aircraft.
Secondary Purpose: Strategic Attack.
Mega-Damage: Three different types of missiles are in use in this system, there are Plasma Medium Range Missiles, Long Range Proton Torpedoes, and then finally there are Anti-Matter Cruise Missiles. The damages to the first two may be found on page 46 of the RIFTS Main Book, and the damage to the last may be found on page 155 of RIFTS Dimension Book 2: Phase World.
Rate of Fire: Can fire up to 6 medium range missiles at a time, up to 4 long range missiles at a time, or up to 2 cruise missiles at a time. More than one missile type cannot be fired at a time.
Maximum Effective Range: See page 46 of the RIFTS Main Book for details on the Proton Torpedoes and Plasma Medium Range Missiles, and page 155 of RIFTS Dimension Book 2: Phase World for details on the range of the cruise missiles.
Payload: Each launcher contains 36 medium range missiles, 24 long range missiles, and 8 cruise missiles. Contained below the Palace is an arsenal of missiles where up to four reloads for each are contained.
Targeting: The missile launchers have a high tech targeting computer that gives the missiles a +4 to strike.

Wa-Daisho City Walls

      Wa-Daisho's city walls were built over the course of years of construction, for the safety of the city. Due to the nature of RIFTS Earth, freak storms, tidal waves, monsters, and any number of threats have been known to bound into most cities with little or no warning! Nyan deemed early on that this wouldn't be the case with Wa-Daisho, thus, the Republic's cradle has it's founder again to thank for it's relative safety. The wall is divided into two portions, there is the Pacific Wall which stand 65' tall with 75' tall turrets, and the inland wall which stands 35' tall with 40' tall turrets. The notations of which are described below.

City Fortification's M.D.C. by Location:
    Pacific Wall (Per 50'x50' section)-2,000.
    Pacific Wall Turrets (18)-4,500 each.
    Heavy Laser Cannons (18; 1 per turret)-1,100 each.
    Inland Wall (Per 30'x30' section)-750.
    Inland Wall Turrets (12)-1,200.


      A fortification is only as good as the men who man it, thus at ALL times, there are 140 men manning these walls, 60 operating the weapon systems, and 80 walking the walls. During periods of stormy weather, involving high waves, most often the men walking the walls, will stay in the turrets and keep watch from there.

Weapon Systems

      Aside from the weapons carried by all of the troops stationed on the walls, the turrets on the walls each have integral weapon systems described below;

1. Pacific Wall Laser Cannons (18; 1 per turret): These heavy laser cannons, mounted in the huge turrets of the Pacific Wall, were imported by the city's founder Nyan Tamya, from Phase World where they were originally intended to be mounted on huge star ships! These weapons are difficult to maintain due to the sea spray, and high level of technology involved - thus at all times, 2D4 of these laser cannons are being dismantled by repair crews for maintenance and repair. Each laser cannon is operated by two men, a target designator/systems operator and a gunner. Each weapon can elevate 25 degrees, can lower -10 degrees, and can swivel side to side 45 degrees.
Primary Purpose: Defense.
Secondary Purpose: Anti-Warship.
Mega-Damage: 1D4x1000 M.D.!
Rate of Fire: 1 blast per melee.
Maximum Effective Range: 15 miles - 91,665'.
Payload: Effectively unlimited, thanks to the independent nuclear power supply.
Targeting: These cannons are guided by the best available electronics, and can usually pick a sailor off of a ship's catwalk at 10 miles distance. Thus the HUD and targeting computer together grant a +5 to strike.

2. Inland Wall Laser Cannons (12; 1 per turret): As described under Nobunaga Palace's defenses to the north side of the Palace, originally when Wa-Daisho was founded threats were anticipated from the North, from independents almost as much as was feared from the sea - thus when the walls were erected, it was vowed that the inland regions would not go unprotected. Although threat from over land no longer seems to be much of a threat, the weapons and posts are maintained in case any opponent were to try to rush Wa-Daisho by going overland in this way. Each turret is operated by a pair of operators, one a gunner, with the other being a target designator/systems operator. Each weapon can elevate 60 degrees, and can lower -15 degrees, plus can swivel side to side 60 degrees.
Primary Purpose: Defense.
Secondary Purpose: Anti-Armor.
Mega-Damage: 2D4x100 M.D. per laser blast.
Rate of Fire: Can fire up to four blasts per melee, and requires a cooling period of 20 minutes after every 30 blasts.
Maximum Effective Range: 5 miles - or 30,550' (Nautical Miles).
Payload: Effectively Unlimited, due to each turrets independent nuclear power supply - however, the turrets are limited to how often they can fire without damaging the weapon.

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