L & N Vibro Weapons

Owner: Nyan Tamya, and Logan Nothwatch.
Reputation: Weapon quality of all of their lines of weapons is considered to be top notch, albeit a tad on the expensive side. (30-40% higher than book prices for Vibro-Weapons. (See also Weapons Tax & Sales Tax for additional charges from the Republican Council.)
Description of Shop: The shop is a single story brick structure that is roughly 30'x80', with a single glass door entrance at the front, and a door at the west side of the shop. Weapons are manufactured in the western most part of the building, where a 20'x30' room has been walled away. The front of the shop is dominated by windows flanking either side of the door, overlooking display cases. The windows are M.D.C. structures with 25 M.D.C. each. The entire shop is composed of glassed in display cases that tower up to 8' in height, all that have between 10-25 M.D.C. each, so there is no easy lifting of weapons. The walls above the display cases have vibro pole arms, and finely crafted S.D.C. pole arms and lances decorating the walls - all available for sale.
Description of Services: A part of a small chain of melee weapon manufacturers, this shop specializes in high quality vibro weapons that have superior balance and weight to those commonly available. In addition to these however, normal high quality melee weapons are also being produced under this label. Prices are a bit higher than normal but you get what you pay for. (Use bonuses listed in the Ancient Weapons & Armor Compendium for these weapons.) Above the cash register, there is a notice hanging there that makes note one of the lesser known rules in Wa-Daisho. That is that any weapon that is bought here, must be paid for (see taxes, and reputation above for charges over and above the book prices) and then set to the side. A receipt will be given to the purchaser of the weapon, which must then in turn be taken to the local police department for the purchase of a license for that particular weapon. Custom jobs ARE taken, but double the book price for that weapon type they are purchasing - vibro or otherwise, and add the cost of any special additions that are requested as well ... mother of pearl grips, ivory grips, jewels, precious metals, etc.

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