Temple of Heroes

Owner: Government owned, financed and sponsored by the Lazlo Guild of Learning. There are always two employees well versed in the legends and stories of heroes present.
Reputation: Has a reputation of being sort of a cross between a museum and a shrine to heroes both modern and ancient. It tends to be rather quiet place.
Description of Temple: It's exterior structure is very reminiscint of Greek architechture with it being constructed tall, made of white marble, with the vaulted roof, with sculpted scalop shell ridge pillars, light stained wood doors/window frames, with golden fittings finishing the touches. Inside is a network of rooms, each dedicated to one hero or period of heroes with brass plaques describing deeds, history, and myth - along with sculpted busts, and/or statues dedicated to that hero.
Description of Services: The service of the Temple of Heroes is a very well thought out one - educating people on just what heroics is all about. Showing the people that not everyone is bound for normality, giving children and adults alike figures which they may look up to, and recognize as being true heroes. Among those displayed are Erin Tarn, Sir Winslow Thorpe, Plato, Nyan Tamya, King Arthuu, and yet still dozens of others.

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