Shinto Shrine

Owners: Originally opened by Nyan Tamya as a personal shrine, it is now owned by the numerous Shinto believers in Wa-Daisho. It is maintained and serviced by a half dozen Kannushi, or Shinto Priests. They are all pure believers, two being native to Kyatashiro, and the remaining four being native to Hachiman's diefic realm.
Reputation: This is simply put a shrine to the Shinto faith - a modest place of worship. It is known for it's serenity, and devout priests who have been very helpful to more than a few citizens of Wa-Daisho.
Description of the Shrine: It is an open grounds shrine surrounded by a rather non-descript white stone wall, with the traditional Torii gateway at the entrance, and a small plain looking white fountain next to the entrance. Those entering the shrine, who are familiar with tradition, wash their hands and faces in the fountain, and clap their hands twice. Upon entrance one would find a stone walkway leading through a serene garden of cherry trees, ornate exotic shrubs, and rock gardens, surrounding a good sized fish pond. Along the inside of the wall are small ornate pegs, some of which have small hand painted plaques hanging from them with prayers and requests left for the Shinto Gods to fulfill by believers. At the back of the Shrine area, is a Shinto temple. It is an elevated structure, built up on a mound of fitted granite stones, and a granite stone stairway leading up the front of it. The temple itself is very ornate, with the traditional looking carved wooden roof, with upturned corners, and elevated center portion. At the front are four ornately carved, pillars. The entire structure is polished wood, with a red roof, and bronze fittings and touches here and there. Inside of the temple a half dozen Kannushi (Shinto Priests), who conduct a number of services.
Description of Services: From Sunrise to Sunset every day, the Kannushi are available for a variety of services. They conduct marriages, baptisms, and similar practices. They sell fortunes for 3 credits each (Which are then hung on one of the cherry tree branches by a piece of string in the hopes that the gods will make them come true, or make them go away.). They give Oharai (Cleansing or purifying the worshipper of impurities, sins, or misfortunes.). Most notably however they sell Omamori or Talismans, at a cost of 5 credits per Talisman, for providing luck for a specific task or activity. This could be anything from luck in battle to luck to avoid an auto accident. The items have little magic on them, but they do however provide a +5% bonus to whatever task is mentioned with the Talisman, IF the character has faith in that belief. Typically, believers in the faith will make donations, monthly or even weekly, to help keep the temple and grounds in good shape.

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