The Merchantman Inn

Owner: The Merchantman Inn is owned by a man named Jules Krazenbur a level 18 City Rat, who was originally a small time crime lord from Republican on the East Coast, before he and his band of thugs were caught in an all out war against the authorities. They were on dire straits after the war began, and members of his modestly sized gang were being killed left and right. Eventually he grew extremely frustrated at his gang's failures to end the war, with some major bloody nose given to the authorities, so he had a number of them killed for their failures. After this his second took the initiative, made a deal with the authorities to rat Jules out - in exchange for the war to be concluded. They agreed, but not before Jules caught wind of the plot, and ran far away from Republican - he lost everything, and became just one of thousands of refugees from one Kingdom or another, in North America. When he heard about Desert Star, he moved in there, and started trying to form up a new crime ring there. It was difficult however, because of the iron grip King Ripley kept over crime in the Kingdom. It was like he knew everything that was going on, a true master of the back alley treaty. He started talking to people, and eventually caught wind of the true crime lords taking root in the Allied Nations (Kingsdale, Desert Star, Kyatashiro, Wa-Daisho, & Lazlo.) Midnight Blue. They had heard of him, and although his style was good - he was unpredictable, savage, and ultimately untrustworthy if given a high seat of power. His talents, used on a limited basis, could be quite valuable - so they decided to set him as a pawn, in Wa-Daisho running The Merchantman Pub & Inn. Jules is a fairly heavy set fellow weighing 320 Lbs, and standing 5'11", has thinning dark colored hair, and has a pock marked, chubby looking face. He has grey eyes, and talks with almost an Italian American accent - classic crime boss style. Jules rarely goes to the Inn, unless he's taking one of the many girls to a private room at the Merchantman Inn - despite the fact that he's married to an aging hooker named Theresa Krazenburg. In all reality Jules runs the place, but even then he answers to the higher authority of Midnight Blue in regards to what goes and doesn't go in his establishment.
Reputation: A ratty sort of place to get some sleep, best if you're desperate, or if you had too much to drink at the Pub, to make it to some place better. It's still considered sleezy, because of the high number of ladies of the night that hang around this place.
Description of Establishment: A three story wooden structure, that measures 350'x150', with 160 rooms, and a large common room flop house with 120 beds in it. The lobby is little more than a hallway leading to a desk, with a cash register, with a few couches sitting around. The exterior, is decorated in much the same way as the Pub, painted white, with fake portholes and dinghys lining the exterior. This one however has windows in each room. The rooms have their own bathroom, but no cooking facilities at all.
Description of Services: Offers a place to flop down in a bed/cot in the common room for 12 credits a night, or your' own private room with a bathroom, and single bed for 30 credits a night. The ladies that tend to hang around the lobby and the Pub, would also offer their company for horizontal refreshment at slightly elevated going rates. Most ARE licensed - those that are not, are special request duties only, paid in black market credit for under aged gals. These gals take top dollar given their youthfulness, although Midnight Blue likes to use these women for blackmail purposes, with small keyhole cameras that video tape the whole thing, and then the threat of being revealed is presented later down the line when it's convenient.

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