Wanese Comodities Store

Owner: Government owned and operated.
Reputation: Fair prices, good products.
Description of Shop: This is a large sprawling rectangular 22' tall grocery store type building, with a flat roof, brick construction, and a glass front, with several glass door entrances.
Description of Services: This is actually a gigantic department store, where various items can be attained from the fresh produce, meats, and canned goods - to alcohol and cigarettes made with greenhouse grown tobacco or marijuana. An automotive department provides tools and hardware to keep most any vehicle in operations, including order forms to order parts directly from manufacturers in the East. A survival equipment department also includes items such as ration kits, tin sets, water purification tablets, rope, iron spikes, air filters, gas masks, an assortment of tents and bedrolls, as well as other various non-combat type equipment, as well as most anything else one would find in a Super Walmart/Kmart, or other department store.

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