Wa-Daisho City High School 1st District

Owner: Government owned and staffed on government payrolls. Every two years a new Dean, usually selected from the teachers on staff, is elected and serves as spokesman and supervisor for the school over all.
Reputation: Wa-Daisho City High School 1st District was the first high school in Wa-Daisho, and taught both the native citizens' children, and those of the construction crews as well during the early days of Wa-Daisho. People who attended here, say that the education there was grueling and difficult though effective, and helped prepare them for the riggors of real life.
Description of Establishment: This is a large campus like school slightly larger than the elementary school, capable of educating up to 2,000 students at a time, constructed of white painted cinder block, with red trim. It is three stories tall, has an immense gymnasium, an incredibly well stocked library, a fully accessible tutoring department, full computer services with WaNet access, a fully equipped fitness center, and an indoor student lounge area.
Description of Services: Provides basic educational facilities to students of thirteen to nineteen years of age. Students are divided into six different grades, being "Advanced Introductory Student", "Freshman", "Senior Freshman", "Sophmore", "Junior", and "Senior". The standard curriculum for the students is that they brush up on their language and literacy skills, advanced mathematics are to be introduced, as are Biology, Writing, Computer Operations, and one other Language and Literacy skill of choice. As with the elementary school, the concepts of tolerance and discipline are also reinforced in the high school, while also introducing leadership, and responsibility. If starting a character fresh out of this high school, all of these skills must be selected under the related and secondary skills as either a City Rat or Vegabond, and all other skills that are learned must be selected from non-military oriented skill selections, such as Basic Mechanical skills, Basic Electrical skills, technical skills, and similar. WPs are typically restricted to being non-military types, such as Archery & Targeting, Bolt Action Rifle, etc.

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