Akersley Ship Construction

Owner: James Akersley, an old timer from before Wa-Daisho was even called Wa-Daisho. James surrendered the helm as the mayor of the small town, in favor of the new nation to be built. He has since focused on his family's tradition of fishing - by building up a large corporate entity known as Akersley Fishing. He had the Ship Construction portion of his business built, because his fishing fleet needed repairs, and nobody at the time was equipped or willing to do so. Thus he purchased a bit of sea front property, and began building his own personal dry docks and ship construction equipment. He's quite wealthy but doesn't flaunt it a lot, he's average height, is clean shaven, with short cropped silver hair. He appears to be in his mid '60s. These days he spends most of his time at the office dressed in blue collar appearing suits, or out checking on his fishing fleet in blue jeans and a flannel, being flown around in his personal Type 16 executive aircraft. He does very little fishing at his age, but is still very active in the fuctions of his business.
Reputation: Like most everything else Akersley, the services provided by Akersley Ship Construction are considered top notch. Vessels come from all over the Pacific to be repaired, modified, or to have sister vessels constructed at these ship yards.
Description of Establishment: This place is composed of a single dry dock, that is capable of conducting repairs or construction on any vessel up to 400' in length. Behind the dry dock, is the fabrication building, that is about two hundred feet in length and contains the jigs, and mechanizations for producing vessels of most any class. All the equipment necessary for ship construction is owned, and operated efficiently at this small time ship construction firm.
Description of Services: Can produce or repair any vessel under 400' in length, save for those that are built of magical materials. They can also provide modifications to vessels here as well. Typical modifications include weapon installation, helicopter pad installation, nuclear conversion, armor plating of SDC vessels, etc. See pages 135-137 of RIFTS Underseas for ship types. For prices, just increase the prices on the previously mentioned pages by 20% for non combatant types, and by 50% for combat vessels.

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