Rachel's Mercantile Productions

Owner: This establishment was formerly owned by Rachel Corrinth, but sadly she passed on in 117PA. It is now owned by a corporate entity in the Hope Barony that has taken on her well respected name for their own. They own a number of mercantile production facilities, but this one is by far the largest, and most highly recognized.
Reputation: The products of this facility are known to be some of the most highly regarded garments sold in Western North America, but along with that they are known for high prices.
Description of Establishment: This is a large plant constructed of grey brick, with a black roof. On the front there is a large white sign, with black filagree writing that reads simply "Rachel's". It's measurements are approximately 450'x200', but it is only two stories tall.
Description of Services: This is strictly a factory of fine garments and raw textiles. Note that they do NOT produce plain clothes armor here, all plain clothes armor is imported from across North America, after having made it across the Atlantic from the New German Republic!!

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