Lisa's Pets & Toys

Owner: The owner is a former member of the Tenzan Elite, a Psi-Stalker who went by the name of Wraith. Before her time in the Tenzan Elite, she spent several years tracking down known assassins and killing them where they stood. When she met the Tenzan Elite, their causes and reasons seemed to make sense to her, and so she tagged along. She seems to have forgotten her quest against the assassins for the time being. She has only recently retired from the Tenzan Elite within the last few months, but is still very active in the community. Since her retirement she's opened up this pet shop and toy store, but usually can only be found here on Fridays and Saturdays - with employees tending the store on all other occasions. Note that when in the shop, she goes by the name Lisa, since it sounds so much more appealing to children than "Wraith".
Reputation: It's reputed to be a kid's place to hang out and spend his or her allowance. It's proprietor and employees are all well respected, and liked by the community.
Description of Shop: This is a single story wooden structure that measures approximately 70'x60'. It is rather plain in appearance, with a stone stair way leading up into the shop, and a plain blue sign, with white cursive letters that read the name of the shop. The front entrance on the east side of the shop, has a display window on either side of it, with various popular toys up for display there, in addition to models hanging down from the ceiling in the windows. Inside is a small desk with a cash register, with price notations and a receipt list jotted down on an ever present pad of paper. All of the walls are nothing but animal cages, and fish tanks with various animals of all different sorts contained within - most of which are of domestic varieties of course. There is then row after row of racks in the middle of the shop with toys of various sorts.
Description of Services: This shop provides toys such as; bicycles, tricycles, carts, wagons, push toys, toy guns, squirt guns, cap guns, wooden and plastic swords and knives, toy hand cuffs, toy sports equipment, balls of all sorts, dolls, doll clothes, doll houses, cars, planes, power armor, poseable armored figures, toy soldiers, stuffed animals, colors, color books, games, educational videos, and all sorts of other toys available as well. Most of which are fashioned of wood, die cast metal, and some plastic. Pets that are available are usually of domestic types - that is, those available in the immediate vicinity of Wa-Daisho, such as dogs, cats, mice, hardy fish, and birds. Occasional exotic types such as parrots are also found here. Rarely however are any animals which may be dangerous to children, found here due to the dual nature of the shop. Children are consulted for phone numbers before purchase of animals are allowed - for parents sake.

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