Akersley Trade Center

Owner: James Akersley, an old timer from before Wa-Daisho was even called Wa-Daisho. James surrendered the helm as the mayor of the small town, in favor of the new nation to be built. He has since focused on his family's tradition of fishing - by building up a large corporate entity known as Akersley Fishing. He's quite wealthy but doesn't flaunt it a lot, he's average height, is clean shaven, with short cropped silver hair. He appears to be in his mid '60s. These days he spends most of his time at the office of his fishing corporation dressed in blue collar appearing suits, or out checking on his fishing fleet in blue jeans and a flannel, being flown around in his personal Type 16 executive aircraft. He does very little fishing at his age, but is still very active in the fuctions of his business. James contributed the funds to build the Akersley Trade Center to assist in the economic growth of Wa-Daisho, when he learned just how difficult arranging trades had become giving the political tie ins and tie outs. Although he contributed the funds, he has little say over what occurs here so it is for all practical matters owned and operated by the government.
Reputation: Along side of the Wa-Daisho Import & Export Center, it is reputed to be the center of Wa-Daisho's economic strength. In many ways the men and women who work here, are the heart and soul of Wa-Daisho. Through the information that is given to them from the Import & Export Center, they are able to arrange reasonable and mutually benefitial trade agreements with both foreign nations and free traders.
Description of Establishment: Like it's sister building, the Wa-Daisho Import & Export Center, this is a gargantuan office building that stands five stories tall, is 300' in length (East to West) and 250' wide (North to South), and is built of heavily reinforced concrete, also with the same armored doors and high security. On the roof are a pair of 60'x60' reinforced helicopter pads. Unlike it's sister building, however the top floor is little in the way of offices, but instead is composed of meeting rooms, break rooms, and a high class restaraunt/observation room that over looks the West Bay of Wa-Daisho. As mentioned the building is armored, and has a structural M.D.C. of 4,500, or 175 M.D.C. per 20'x20' section of wall. The windows are bullet proof, with 25 M.D.C. each, and the armored doors are 65 M.D.C. each.
Description of Services: This building houses the think tanks of Wa-Daisho's economy, who arrange trades with free traders and foreign nations. The entire building is built to cater to these men and women, and to house the dignitaries that will negotiate trade agreements with them. Facilities such as the meeting rooms and the restaraunt on the top floor are only a couple of the measures designed to secure trade agreements for Wa-Daisho. Trades conducted here are usually fair, but almost always slightly in favor of Wa-Daisho's goods in terms of value - as is expected most anywhere you go. It is also here where taxes are paid for goods that are to be imported.

Important Author's Note: This Import & Export Center & Akersley Trade Center was designed while thinking of the World Trade Centers of New York in mind, back during the mid '90s. Back then I never would have dared imagine that the real things would ever be gone. I leave these buildings however, untouched, and unchanged from my original view. I only wish that scribbling a few figures on a piece of paper would have been enough to armor the real things so that they could not be harmed. Even still, never forget.

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