The Republic of New Haven

By Edward A. May.

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Guide to the Republic of New Haven

Geographical Location: Initially New Haven encompassed the southern third of old Vancouver Island but gradually expanded to claim all of Vancouver Island and many smaller surrounding islands. In 86PA a small mining settlement called Taylorville was established on the coast of old British Columbia with ranged territory that stretched five miles south, ten miles north and fifteen miles east. At the conclusion of the Freighter War of 102PA this territory was expanded 15 miles further south, 10 miles further north, and five miles further east. Aside from New Haven City and Taylorville, there is a Subterranean City of New Haven located beneath the capital, a moderate sized city twenty miles north of New Haven City called Silverstone, a small logging community thirty miles further north called Shiunren, and at the conclusion of the Republican Highway some seventy miles north of Shiunren is a fair sized town called Avery. Accessible only via air or ship is the City of Angel Peak at the far northern tip of Vancouver Island. This does not include the handful of small farming villages located along the Republican Highway or on the east coast of the island, accessible by the Eastway Pass.
Average Temperature:
     Summer: 66F
     Winter: 32F
Average Precipitation: 70" annually.
Population: 204,000.
     Humans: 46% (14% of which are Human Mutants)
     Wolfen: 7%
     Cyber-Horsemen 6%
     Elves: 6%
     Amphibs: 5%
     Dwarves: 4%
     D'Norr: 3%
     Dalmirians: 2%
     Others: 21% (Dragons, Titans, Grackle Tooth, Fennodi, Dragon Rays, Naut'Yll, etc.)

Nicknames: Misty Isle, Westwall Kingdom, Shangri-La, and occasionally Avalon.
Political Structure: Republic, led by an elected council of 12. (Some outside sources insist that the true form of government is actually that of a Constitutional Monarchy, given how much influence Tamiya Nyan and his wife has during the Republican Council Assemblies.)
Political Affiliations: Strong ties with the Kingdom of Desert Star, the Colorado Baronies, Water Point Preserve, an a number of small kingdoms and nations.
Political Adversaries: The Coalition States, with their strict anti-D-Bee/anti-magic policy, is fundamentally opposed to the Republic of New Haven. The Republic also suffers the blight of raids from the Haida, a major regional power based out of the old Queen Charlotte Islands. Occasional troubles have also arisen from the Horune, Naut'Yll and the Lord of the Deep.
Technology Level: High; Roughly equivalent to the New German Republic or perhaps the Kingdom of Desert Star.
Magic Use: Common. Used heavily in the medical, construction, agricultural and military fields. Approximately 1/3 of the population uses some form of magic or magic devices.
Cybernetics/Bionics: Implants are common among non-magic users and psychics, but bionic augmentation is frowned upon and not even used by the military of New Haven. Those that require prosthetics invariably are provided with realistic skin overlay to match their natural skin tone/texture.
Education Level: High; 82% of the population is literate with government funded schooling for children and adults. Most of those who remain illiterate are recent immigrants. Mystic training is provided via military apprenticeship or are sponsored by the Blue Water Mage's Guild to groom them as future members of the guild.

Map of the Island of Wa-Daisho (Vancouver Island) Circa 118 PA
Map of Wa-Daisho City Circa 118PA
Wa-Daisho City Places of Interest
Wa-Daisho Subterranean City Places of Interest

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