International Firearms

Owner: Scott Foresman.
Reputation: Scott is an old head hunter who's only out to make a buck or two before he dies - but none the less, he believes in getting his money the right way. Prices tend to be 5-10% higher than anywhere else on the continent. (See also Weapons Tax & Sales Tax for additional charges from the Republican Council.) Scott has a deal with the local Black Market dealer, who he can easily redirect clientele towards IF the characters do not want to go through the licensing process to attain their weapons. HOWEVER, even the Black Market in Wa-Daisho knows better than to allow clients to purchase unlicensed weapons inside of the City of Wa-Daisho - thus any potential purchaser will be sold a weapon that will be delivered at a rendevous sight somewhere outside of the city itself.
Description of Shop: Directly next door to L & N Vibro-Weapons, this shop is also of brick construction of similar proportions - but unlike L & N which protects it's weapons with expensive mega-damage glass, this shop has no front windows, and only a plain white sign, with black lettering above it that reads - "International Firearms". There is one entrance into and out of the place, and this entrance is a heavily armored door, with a small peek window, that has the metal mesh across it. This door is 60 M.D.C., and won't even budge under a shoulder thrown into it. At the door, you must buzz the desk clerk, and then he will come to the front, and inspect the party. If he feels that they can enter, then he'll hit a button for a credit card slot to be opened up, allowing the characters to slot any Alliance Credit Card available. Nothing under 600 credits enters the room. This number is automatically transferred to the police, which also gives them a valid name, place of residence, description of the card carrier, and a snap shot taken of the individual in the door way from a hidden, flashless camera. Elaborate but effective defenses. Inside are rows upon rows of dusty wooden shelving, with plain, non-descript wooden stands holding up energy weapons and projectile weapons of every shape and size. On the wall behind the counter at the west wall, is an assortment of heavy rail gun weapons, and a Kittani K-1000 that has been in the shop since he opened it. Above the cash register, there is a notice hanging there that makes note one of the lesser known rules in Wa-Daisho. That is that any weapon that is bought here, must be paid for (see taxes, and reputation above for charges over and above the book prices) and then set to the side. A receipt will be given to the purchaser of the weapon, which must then in turn be taken to the local police department for the purchase of a license for that particular weapon. Scott sits in on his shop about four days out of the week, normally from 10 AM to 6 PM, but he can call in a backup person to run the shop at any time. He's mostly retired, and uses it as an excuse to get away from the old lady and nod off during slow times.
Description of Services: This store sells most any weapon type from, projectile weapons, rail guns, lasers, partical beams, and weapons of all sorts of different types, available in the Eastern part of the continent. Even then, they almost always have a half dozen or so exotic models of weapons available as well. Repairs are available, as are charging of E-clips - all for a rate of 50 credits an hour, with a 2 hour charge minimum for repairs, and 5% above book price for E-clip charging.

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