Akersley Fishing Corporation

Owner: James Akersley, an old timer from before Wa-Daisho was even called Wa-Daisho. James surrendered the helm as the mayor of the small town, in favor of the new nation to be built. He has since focused on his family's tradition of fishing - by building up a large corporate entity known as Akersley Fishing. He's quite wealthy but doesn't flaunt it a lot, he's average height, is clean shaven, with short cropped silver hair. He appears to be in his mid '60s. These days he spends most of his time at the office dressed in blue collar appearing suits, or out checking on his fishing fleet in blue jeans and a flannel, being flown around in his personal Type 16 executive aircraft. He does very little fishing at his age, but is still very active in the fuctions of his business.
Reputation: Akersley Fishing Corporation until recently was the only commercial fishing company in Wa-Daisho - being a major source of income for the nation, as well as a supplier of food to the people of Wa-Daisho. Their prices are fair, and services reliable.
Description of Shop: The shop itself is a metal framed, wooden structure, with metal tan metal siding. It is located to the south of the main Pacific Sea Wall where it has been since 73PA. There it overlooks a small man made bay with break waters on each side, that serves as the home of Akersley's fishing fleet, as well as public access for other vessels. The shop itself is about 175' long, two stories high, and about 120' deep. This serves as an office building, break room, course plotting center, refrigerated store house for fish, as well as a radio room for Akersley's Fishing Fleet.
Description of Services: Akersley Fishing provides fish and shell fish, both for sale and exportation, through the services of their fishing fleet (4; 90' fishing vessels, with numerous smaller ones fleshing it out.) There is however no sales room, any fish or shellfish to be distributed are sold from Akersley's Fish Market (#37), or are sent North to Silverstone, to be processed and packaged/canned. The fishing fleet operates off of Wa-Daisho, but rarely ventures more than 50 miles off shore without a military escort of some sort.

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