Alliance Bank

Owner: The Alliance Bank is a government owned establishment. The President of the Bank is currently Arron Swenson a Level 6 Rogue Scholar, turned businessman. Under his administration, the bank has served without error for over five years and counting.
Reputation: The Alliance Bank is the only major bank in Wa-Daisho, and single handedly - between this office, and the ones located in Kyatashiro and Desert Star, controls the value of the Alliance Credit Currency. Altogether however, the populace relies upon the Alliance Bank.
Description of Shop: A two story red brick structure, that measures 110' west to east, and 160' north to south. The main floor includes reception areas, meeting rooms, and service counters. The second floor is composed entirely of offices of administrative workers. On the main floor there are six security workers, two of which are full conversion borgs, one is psychic, and another is a Ley Line Walker. The windows and doors are all built of M.D.C. materials, and an alarm may be triggered by them, or by any of the receptionists to alert not only the security workers, but a military squad based ony a few blocks away. Security cameras hidden from the eye of would be thieves also watch every corner of the bank. An Alliance Bank has never been robbed ... successfully.
Description of Services: The Alliance Bank offers several services. Among them being distribution and storage of Wa-Daisho currency. They also provide Credit Accounts, which are valid in all the Allied Nations, for a cost of only 150 credits. Savings accounts are provided that cost only 20 credits to activate, which they then provide a 7% interest rate for any money left in the account for over 6 months. Lock boxes are also provided and are 20 credits for small ones (1'x2'), 50 credits for medium ones (3'x3'), and 100 credits for large ones (5'x3'x5'). Loans are only made to citizens of Wa-Daisho, with a 12% interest rate a year. There is an absolute limit of 250,000 credits to any loan made by Alliance Bank. Those who skip out on loans have a bounty placed upon them amounting to anywhere from 2,000 to 25,000 credits - at which time they are turned over to the Republic of Wa-Daisho, and are persecuted for fraud. (In which case they get their money back!)

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