Republican Smelting Plant

Owner: Government owned and operated.
Reputation: It is known among most of the allied nations, as the single smelting plant in Wa-Daisho that produces high grade raw metal.
Description of Establishment: The single largest building in Wa-Daisho City, it stands 3 stories in height but it measures 600' in length, and 300' in width. It is built like most factories, of metal sheets on a metal frame. In this case, it's a merctite frame, with specially treated sheet steel covering it. Thus, it's easy to punch holes in it, but knocking the structure down is very difficult.
Description of Services: Ore is supplied to it, by trucks that carry it in from Silverstone and Shiunren further north on the island, or from the west bay where ore from Taylorville is shipped in to. Once there, ore of all sorts is smelted at this plant, including zinc, tin, lead, iron, titanium, silver, and gold among others. When smelted, most metals are formed into a nugget form, which is easily processed for use in the industrial or construction field. Mercury on the other hand is smelted, and then refined to it's base form - which at "room" temperature is in a liquid state. Once in this purified liquid state it is then placed into thick glass five gallon cannisters, that are essentially shatter proof. In it's bottled form, along with the solid nugget form of the other ores, they are then loaded on to trucks and taken to the docks, OR are transported North to Silverstone, for subsequent shipping. (Ship, or Iron Horse - although some of this material, IS also retained for Wa-Daisho's use.)

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