Goodie's Bakery

Owners: Goodie's is owned by an elderly elven couple named Meldra & Tarl Weis, who live in the second story of their shop. They are a kind couple, who delight in making the tastiest treats for their customers.
Reputation: Town sweethearts is the best term to describe the Weis couple. Even the most cynical citizen in the Republic finds it difficult to say a single bad thing about them - except perhaps that they are too nice, smile too much, or are too grand-parental. They love children - which is tragic, since Mrs. Weis was rendered baren early on in their marriage when her first child birth went wrong. Although this is not common knowledge - it does provide depth and understanding towards their mind set.
Description of Shop: The Weis's shop is the image of an old fashioned mom and pop bakery, only that this couple never seems to gain an ounce from their goodies, have angular features, and have pointed ears! It's two story ceramic sided wooden structure measures approximately 80'x50', with it's shop face at the East side of the shop, and it's kitchen portion being the entire rear 50'x50' area, with only the front 30' area being the actual shop. The shop has a large main counter/display case that goes north to south, blocking off all but a walk way to the baking area. This counter/display case contains pastries and goodies of all different sorts, all freshly baked, and all of the highest quality. Rows of racks contain all sorts of fresh baked breads, boxes of cookies, boxes of pastries, and similar wares. Catering services are also provided, and special events cakes and snacks may be ordered. The upstairs portion, the home of the Weis' is spotlessly kept, and sparsely decorated with only a hand full of photos of family members, a number of paintings, and a few knick-nacks. A play room upstairs is kept stocked with a vast assortment of toys, and children are occasionally invited to play there when parents are making arrangements for catering and similar orders are being made.
Description of Services: Only the finest baked goods may be found here at good prices from 6 AM to 6 PM. Their slogan, and often confirmed compliment is that their wares are the finest West of El Paso. Custom orders are allowed and are made at fair to medium prices. Oftentimes, goodies that are left over at the end of a work day will be donated to the two schools that are located across the street to the North of Goodie's Bakery.

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