Butcher Shop

Owner: Jim Thorpe started this shop when one of his cousins was starting up the United Trappers of Wa-Daisho establishment. He's a portly bald fellow, that stands 5' tall, and has quite the belly. He's married, but is known around town for his numerous affairs with women.
Reputation: The Butcher Shop as it is unimaginitively called, is known to be reliable - the products are known to be fresh, and the supply is well stocked. Prices are quite cheap, thus families of limited means, trying to cut corners usually rely on this less than traditional meat market for their meats.
Description of Shop: Built around the same time as the United Trappers of Wa-Daisho establishment, it's almost identical in construction to that establishment. It is a single story wooden structure, which has dimensions that are 60'x50'. It is painted a deep burnt umber, and has a painted black wooden slat roof, with a main door centrally located at the front of the building, with large display windows on either side of it. Inside of these display windows are price signs for specials that are being held, jerky and preserved meats of various kinds, and similar signage. Inside is the customary refrigeration counter that contains the various fresh cuts of meat available - behind which is the cutlery boards, the racks for hanging of meat, and dozens of freezers and refrigeration units with drawers for storage of fresh meats.
Description of Services: The Butcher shop actually makes meats available, from animals that the Trappers of Wa-Daisho have captured and brought back alive. Common meats include rabbit, squirrel, venison, and bear meat with occasional exotic exceptions.

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