Woundhealer Clinic

Owner: The Woundhealer Clinic is government owned and financed. It was founded, and funded by Nyan Tamya during the first two years of the city's establishment. It is run by a board of directors, all capable Body Fixers or Cyber Docs, who know how a large clinic should be run.
Reputation: It is a place of healing, known to be useful, reliable, and flexible in treatment.
Description of Establishment: The Woundhealer clinic is a 5 story white block, brick building that measures approximately 180' long North to South, and 150' wide west to east. It's symbol on the entrance signs as well as on all letter heads, prescription notes, and similar is a 2 handed blade with a red cross emblazoned on the pommel piece. Representative of a legendary sword, called Woundhealer, that Nyan encountered some time ago, before having it placed in a monestery, in the hills overlooking New Camelot. Immediately inside the clinic, which is in reality a full service hospital, is a number of waiting rooms and triage desks for distribution of patients. The emergency ward, gift shop, and a small cafe are also present on the main floor. Following up the stairs or going up in the elevator, takes one to the higher levels - each floor having two or three different departments that cater to one or more specialized form of care. Including Mystic Analysis and Rejuvenation (MAR) and Cybernetic Limb & Organ Replacement (CLOR) wards, in addition to all the usual medical care available. Note however, that between MAR and CLOR burn recovery and several reconstruction specialist departments that in Pre-RIFTS times were only found in the largest, most prestigious hospitals, are no longer considered necessary.
Description of Services: The Woundhealer clinic provides medical care to the citizens of Wa-Daisho using most, if not all, the state of the art techniques used in other parts of North America. Full emergency services are available to those who are in true need of medical assistance and specialized medical wards are present to care for the more in depth medical problems. CLOR as mentioned above is available to all people in Wa-Daisho, provided that their anatomy matches the design of the cybernetic limbs or organs. Those who opt for it, are also served with MAR, Mystic Analysis and Rejuvenation. A patient may be stone dead from a heart attack, and the paramedics will still rush the body back to the hospital. A Cardiologist can open the person's chest, and literally clear out the person's arteries, stiching him or her up, then MAR can bring that patient back!! Thus even death is no longer an absolute barrier. Unlike Pre-RIFTS USA, there is NO cost to the medical care rendered to patients, provided that they are Citizens or authorized immigrants to Wa-Daisho. Outsiders who require medical care, either pay up front, OR sign a contract stating that they will remain IN Wa-Daisho until their medical bill is made good. The penalty for skipping out, is a bounty placed on their heads - alive of course, which asks that they be brought back and turned in for Fraud.

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