Library of Religious Doctrine

Owner: Government constructed and owned.
Reputation: It is known as a place of learning among the people of Wa-Daisho, for those interested in learning the particulars about various religions. For most people it's a boring place, with countless doctrines and teachings that oftentimes contradicts other ways of thought thus few people aside from scholars appreciate the knowledges it's walls hold.
Description of Building: This is a rectangular two story building, that looks more like an office building than like a library. Inside are rows upon rows of shelves full of books, scrolls, various tomes, and texts on this religion and that, divided off into sections where each religion is described independently. The upper floor is composed partly of independant study rooms with desk top computers, plenty of desk top room, fully stocked with paper, pencils, and pens. The remainder of the upstairs is composed of large conference rooms, for eight to ten individuals with a large table, a table top projecter, and similar conference equipment.
Description of Services: Everything from small cults to vast religious doctrines are recorded here for the purpose of study.

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