Divine Tatoo & Massage Parlor

Owner: Officially the owner is Skel Tamaris, a mid level City Rat who is about twenty five in age, stands 5'11", and weighs approximately 145 Lbs - a PB of 18. He is originally from Hillcrest, a well known Chi-Town 'burb - supposedly moving to Wa-Daisho as soon as he had enough money saved up. He started the business just in the last couple of years, after working a couple of years at "The Merchantman's Pub" - before getting a loan from an old friend, to purchase this new business. He is seldom at the establishment himself however, instead preferring to stay in his five bedroom flat at the north end of town, or cruise around town in a silver metal flake Skullray (A Coalition National Industry sports car that looks a LOT like a convertable Ferrari.) with highly polished crome rims, bumpers, and trim - his pride and joy, which also happens to be a 150,000 credit car. When out on the town, he is never seen without sunglasses - the mirrored variety, and usually wears high quality clothing preferring the relaxed look of nice neutral colored slacks, a neutral colored sports jacket, and a brightly colored shirt underneath. He is seldom seen without a woman on his arm, who has a PB less than his. In reality, Skel is just a front man for the true owners of the Divine Tatoo & Massage Parlor, Midnight Blue.
Reputation: A questionable place, where a person can go to either get a tatoo, relax in a sauna, take a dip in a hot tub, or get a relaxing back rub. Among those in the know, so to speak, the ladies given a few extra credits are also qualified ladies of the night - some are licensed, some are not. There has been some complaint on the part of the patrons of the Shinto Shrine located so close to the Parlor, since one of the 'new' girls propositioned a notable patron for some horizontal refreshment while he was getting a back rub! It is not likely to cause a move or anything of that sort, but it makes it avoided by many Shinto in the city.
Description of Shop: A nice clean looking single story building, that measures about 150'x80', with a reception area as you first enter. There are two doors that lead from the reception area at the front, one entrance that leads to one side of the building, while the other leads further into the back. The first door leads into the tatoo parlor, where literally thousands of designs are displayed on the back wall, showing all the regular schemes that are available, a computer operated arm mechanism, near a dentist style chair, is what does the actual work according to the scheme chosen by the recipient. The other doorway leads into a hallway with two locker rooms, one at each end - one for women, the other, for men. From here you may change into whatever clothing you need, and make arrangements for whatever you'd like. Massages are held in private rooms - any interest in horizontal refreshment MUST be initiated by the customer, unless he or she is a repeat customer, or an associate of the owners of the Divine Tatoo & Massage Parlor.
Description of Services: The tatoos offered by Divine, are of high quality, being extremely precise - though expensive. Literally thousands of patterns can be selected or a custom pattern may be specified by the customer, and the tech there will help draw it up on the computer. A small single color tatoo costs 75 credits, while the largest multi color tatoo that spans across a chest or around a limb in a spiral can cost upwards and around of 2,200 credits. Tatoos can be made in five minutes to two hours. Depending on the complexity and size again. The other portion of the business, provides hot tubs and saunas for 20 credits for an hour. Massages cost 35 credits for a half hour massage - additional charges are made from there. A separate sauna, hot tub, and four massage booths are in the back, reserved for esteemed associates of Midnight Blue.

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