Jay's Pawn & Barter

Owner: The owner of this establishment is Jay Kesselrig formerly Sir Kesselrig, of the Cyber-Knight order. Jake was an imposing figure, who stood 6'5" in his prime, and was built like a power lifter. At one time, he was said to be the greatest of men west of the Rocky Mountains. He traveled this land, mostly west of the Sierra Nevadas in California, for almost thirty years as a knight, fighting for truth and justice. He crushed all vestiges of evil as he went - mercilessly, methodically. It was near routine for Sir Kesselrig the Slayer to walk into a small town, interview the people, learn of their plights, and he would dash it all away in an amazing fury of combat that would leave those responsible dead or dying. At thirty two years of age, he took a bride - an extremely attractive brunette woman, who was offered to Sir Kesselrig by her father for the slaying of a small pirate band that had stolen his fishing sloop. Despite these odd beginnings they quickly fell in love, and for the first time Kesselrig fell into semi retirement, as he pursued a family. His wife became pregnant on his 34th year - but died from complications at birth. Sadly he lost his child as well. Sir Kesselrig the Slayer made a return to business, with a vengeance. Any supernatural force, or villainous figure that would enter his territory would suffer an incredibly terrible fate. Stories are still told to this day, of the carnage and methods Kesselrig would use to kill his opponents. Many of his foes died of blood loss, rather than a swift blow - preferring to make the evil doer suffer before killing him. Meanwhile, stories about Sir Kesselrig the Slayer were reaching other Cyber-Knights. Several in Colorado, heard of the brutal tales about Sir Kesselrig, and began searching him out to investigate for themselves - to bring him to justice if need be. Before they found him however, he found a new woman in his life. This time it was a much heartier woman, who had several children of her own, but was widowed when her husband went to sea and never returned. Sir Kesselrig the Slayer softened during this one year of marital bliss again entering semi-retirement. Only a few days after their first year anniversary however a drunken driver claimed her life. Sir Kesselrig the Slayer went ballistic - he could not be consoled. He flew into a murderous fury, and killed the drunken man which had struck his wife's vehicle, chopped him apart, and spread his entrails over the city street. He chopped the car to pieces - then burned it's shattered remains. The towns people who witnessed this act, said that the gleam in Sir Kesselrig's eyes told fully well the story ... their hero's heart died that day. Shortly after he ran off into the mountains to continue his work. It was here that he met the Cyber-Knights which were searching for him. It is unknown what exactly transpired at that time - all that is known, is that Sir Kesselrig the Slayer was cast out of the Cyber-Knight order, and was forbidden to use the title of Sir in the future. When he arrived in Wa-Daisho he attempted to lead a life in the military, but was deemed as unsuited to military occupations because his demeanor was not fitting. He was entirely too brutal and sadistic. Today Jay Kesselrig is but a shadow of his former self. His 65 year old back is bowed from inactivity - giving him a stooped 6' appearance. His body is not what it once was - he is grotesquely overweight with a belly that hangs well over his belt. His hair is always greasy and disheavaled, his beard and moustache once very proud in appearance are unkept and stick out in every direction. He often goes days without changing clothes, giving him an over all smelly and stained appearance. Similarly this man is not who he once was - he is greedy, eyes every trinket that enters his store, and offers the lowest prices he can possibly conceive. Thus he now preys on the down trodden.
Reputation: Few know the truth about Kesselrig and his former days of glory this far to the North, but the tales can be heard in New Hope on the coast of California, so a few in town do know of his past - and those that do usually steer clear of this beligerant, greedy fellow. Even still, his shop is avoided most often by all but the most desperate for money. When you cannot get money for an item anywhere else in Wa-Daisho, you can usually get SOMETHING at Kesselrigs, though it's not likely to be near what you figure it is worth.
Description of Shop: This shop is located on Merchant drive, opposite of Clearwater Custom Jewelry across the entrance to the underground portion of the city. It is a single story 25'x35' wooden building painted in a deep green color, that is now chipping badly in many places. The single door entrance is raised about a foot off of the ground. Above the door is a white sign that reads the name of the shop, in a no frills bold black letter font. Once you enter the first thing that is noticed is the smell to the place - it smells of a gym locker room, or perhaps a pair of very sweaty socks, that gets more intense as you approach the East side of the building. Inside is a soda pop machine that seems perpetually out of three or four selections, and row upon row of shelves stacked with a vast array of items. MOST items are in working order, and are purchased as is. To the East is a glass counter locked up of course with watches, earrings, rings, hand guns, and various nicknacks that are obviously the valuables of this establishment. Behind this counter sits Kesselrig himself, sitting at a small desk covered in papers, receipts, empty soda cans, empty styrofoam cups, plus a few different bags of junk food within easy reach as he sits there watching a small portable color television set. He always seems completely enthrawled in what is on the television, until someone picks up an item in his store. He will then blurt out the price to you, and eye you as you handle the item. Something about the man does not seem right, and very few are comfortable around Kesselrig. (Very intimidating, MA: 22!)
Description of Services: Jay's Pawn & Barter allows people to get a loan on items, or sell/barter an item for something else. Jay does not offer a gold mine to anyone who walks in there - seldom offering more than 10% value when pawning an item. (Thus for a fully charged E-clip priced between 5,000-6,000 credits brand new, he would only offer up to 500 credits.) When bartering, or purchasing an item, he will offer slightly more than this, anywhere from 15% to 20% retail value. (In essence then selling him that same E-clip COULD get you 1,000 credits, but is more likely to be 750.) He bases this figure off of how easily he can liquidate an item, this is where role playing a debate might come in handy. The items he sells are usually quite close to retail price, with a slight sliver carved off to compete, his greed however is his own down fall with this aspect. His jewelry on the other hand is typically marked slightly above retail price, but only someone skilled in Gemology would be aware of that.

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