The Golden Laddle

Owner: A businessman named Eric Littenhow, from Lazlo - he rarely stops in, but to check to be certain his business is being run correctly by the manager.
Reputation: Has a reputation of being a blue collar bar/restaraunt, that offers family services. It's a good place, with few fights, no roaches in the kitchens, clean tables, and good service.
Description of Shop: This is a very large business, with dimensions being 120'x100', with seating for hundreds of clientele. It is a single story brick structure with mirrored windows, and mirrored glass doors every few feet. Entertainment is a two bit arcade in a corner where the kids are allowed to play, several dart boards, and a half dozen pool tables also provide entertainment for the adults. There is no seating at the bar, only a bar where orders may be made, nor are there any booths - only round tables, with seating for 4-10 people may be found.
Description of Services: Offers service in the form of food and drink, at a reasonable price - in a low threat atmosphere. Example Prices are as follows;

Tap Beer: 2 credits a mug.
Exotic Beer (Any foreign make): 5 credits a bottle.
Hard Liquor: 3 credits a shot.
Mixed Drink: 5 credits a glass.
Soda/Pop: 1 credit a glass; w/refills.
Specialty Soup: 5 credits a bowl - BIG bowl, served with fresh baked bread and salad.
Hamburger: 8 credits for a half pounder, served with fries, and choice of two add ons like lettuce, tomato, cheese, sauteed mushrooms, bacon, or special sauce. Anything more than two add ons, costs an additional 2 credits - for all of them, or just three of them.

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