Crossed Swords Tavern & Inn

Owner: This tavern & inn is owned by Sylvia Vess, a middle aged blonde woman who is well dressed, well groomed, and displays an excessive amount of money. Sylvia is a selfish woman, who married a millionare with too little sense on his death bed. She lies to make herself look better about when exactly it was that she married her deceased husband however. Her greed is notorious, and is well known for using her feminine wiles to attain an investment agreement with men, she attained this establishment eight years ago in a secret business agreement with the wealthy man who owned it. (In fact Sylvia black mailed the original owner, after he had had an extensive affair with Sylvia, that she would tell his wife unless....)
Reputation: Has a reputation of being a high priced, fine dining and drinking establishment with little tolerance for the lesser classes in society.
Description of Shop: This is a very large, two story brick building that measures approximately 150'x200' and has entrances on the North and South side of the building - both with excellent security. The prime attraction of the Crossed Swords is it's huge polished wood dance floor, with a live string orchestra that plays for those dining, or for those who wish to dance. Private meeting rooms are available on the main floor. The main, common area, has a vast supply of seats available. The chairs are comfortable, padded, wooden sculpted chairs, the tables are very decoratively sculped, and crystal chandileers provide lighting to the room. On the west wall of the main common room is a fine polished chrome bar upon which only the finest drinks are served. The dinnerware is decorative and expensive (100 credits a plate if broken!) and the silverware is real. The upstairs portion, accessible through the use of one of two staircases that snake up at either side of the bar, is the inn portion of the Crossed Swords. Although only about a dozen rooms are available, they are large, expensive, but of the highest quality available in Wa-Daisho. Each room is a suite, has it's own small bar, a bathroom, a well stocked kitchen, a bedroom, and only the finest furnishings including large screen televisions with surround sound, sound proofing of the room, computer with WaNet access, adjustible tint windows, a balcony, crystal chandileers, plush chairs, plush sofa, and fine within-120-second-service.
Description of Services: The Crossed Swords is a Tavern and Inn for the high society in Wa-Daisho. It's drinks are of great quality, of both domestic and foreign manufacturers. Food is of the highest quality, cooked, arranged, and decorated by the finest professional chefs in Wa-Daisho. The employees are well dressed, well groomed, and all have a PB of at least 14. The few rooms available are six star to put it mildly - with service being available literally within 2 minutes. Cost for these suites however is 2,500 credits a night! A half dozen licensed prostitutes have a side deal with Sylvia giving her a 10% cut of their high priced services in exchange for allowing them to conduct their business within her establishment. Usually these ladies target the single businessmen dropping by for a quick drink.

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