Church of Dragonwright

Owner: The Church of Dragonwright is owned and operated by four priests, one for each of the God Dragons, Kym-nark-mar, Zandragal, Kormath, and Styphon.
Reputation: The Church of Dragonwright is regarded with a great deal of suspicion by the populace of Wa-Daisho. The lessons and tales told by natives of the Palladium World, about the Cults of Dragonwright are commonly told in whispers, thus believers in the other faiths in Wa-Daisho tend to avoid this place of worship. Despite the prejudice, the Church continues to function - actually being an established Church branch of the religious beliefs, that follow more the original beliefs than those practiced in the more savage regions of the world. Although typically blood sacrifice is part of their religious beliefs, within Wa-Daisho these practices are banned. Any suggestion made of such practice, by ANY practicioner, is a sentence of EXHILE, and all personal possessions being siezed! Any one who does sacrifice a sentient-being within the territory of Wa-Daisho are sentenced to capital punishment, and all their belongings are siezed by the Republic. Instead of their traditional sacrifices, fasts, and symbolic offerings of food and drink are offered.
Description of Church: From the outside, the Church of Dragonwright is a towering 85 foot high, ornate, gray marble structure, with a steep black roof with tiles shaped as archways, ornately carved pillars supporting the grand overhangs of roof on all sides, and four massive sculpted stone dragons - one for each of the God Dragons at the front of the structure. The sole entrance to the building is a gigantic stone archway that towers almost half way up the height of the gigantic structure, filled with equally gigantic dark stained wooden double doors. The inside of the structure is no less impressive, with a mural covered vaulted ceiling, and support pillars carved to resemble dragons supporting the roof. The seating inside is composed of stone benches arranged in an archway pattern around a central altar with four podiums arranged at the archway points of the altar. Side rooms to the main chamber include sparsely furnished dining halls, quarters for the four priests of dragonwright, complimentary quarters for a half dozen visiting dignitaries, as well as meditation rooms - and rooms for specific ceremonies.
Description of Services: This is a house of the Gods of Dragonwright, where the Gods are asked for guidance in any number of things - usually through the Priests of Dragonwright.

Author's Note: I included this church, since this seemed to be one of the most common churches in the Palladium World, since the practicioners would have carried it with them to the new world. Although the Palladium Books supplement "Dragons & Gods" was wonderful for providing all sorts of nifty details on symbols, holy books, holy places, and stats for the Gods that no GM in their right mind should ever need - it left out all of the necessary details such as marriage ceremonies, peculiar cultural details - such as holidays, specific rites of passage, etc. Feel free to extropulate at your' own free discression, however for reference you may consult Palladium Books Dragons & Gods for Palladium RPG; 2nd Edition, pages 221-228.

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