United Trappers of Wa-Daisho

Owner: There are actually seven owners to this shop, seven Wilderness Scouts that maintain, stock, and own the shop in a united venture. At any one time there is always one or two scouts on hand to tend to the shop.
Reputation: The United Trappers of Wa-Daisho are known to be the best source for furs in the entire Republic. Their prices are fair, and the selection is incredible.
Description of Shop: The UTWD is a 60'x50' wooden structure, with stained wooden slats for roofing and for siding, one central door with a glass window in it, and large display windows on either side of the door. Above this main door is a large stained wooden sign that has the words "United Trappers of Wa-Daisho" burned into it. Inside it is dark, with all wooden furniture, a wooden floor, and wooden shelves with stacks of furs on them, of various sorts, with hand written prices written on small strips of hide or birch bark, secured to the shelves. A main counter stands at the back of the shop, with a large space opened behind it. Racks with fur frames in them of various sizes are arranged here, for the stretching of furs.
Description of Services: This shop supplies a full 95% of the fur trade and purchase that occurrs i the Republic of Wa-Daisho, while all other fur traders and salesmen are traveling fur traders that set up shop for a day or two at a time with their latest stock in the open market.

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