John Wayne Movie Theatre

Owner: This fine establishment is owned by David Harris, a young rogue scholar that encountered a large cache of vid disks in an archaelogical dig in what was central Oregon. These disks were in pristine condition - and gave him the idea of opening this sort of establishment. Among the disks was the ENTIRE John Wayne movie collection - in a collectors edition form, along with five "NEW" movies filmed during the 2060s, with a digital version of the Duke playing in each of them. Mr. Harris doesn't spend a whole lot of time at his own theatre however, he spends most of his time out on digs, exploring, adventuring - but the theatre has proven to be invaluable for drumming up much needed funds for the digs!
Reputation: The John Wayne Movie Theatre is a nice place to go, for a date, to spend some time, see some interesting stuff, or even to spend an evening with the family. It is quite popular, and is almost always packed with people.
Description of Shop: This establishment is housed in a 150'x200' brick building, with a classy looking front face on it with the classic ticket booth out front, the vertical neon light sign in blue letters that reads "John Wayne Movie Theatre", with an image of John Wayne, tipping his hat, while sitting astride a horse. There are two entrances, one, that movie viewers are told to enter, and the other to a side business, a small movie rental establishment. Inside, the main lobby the smell of popcorn, excited chatter about this movie or that, rattle of ice in soft drinks, and the muffled sounds of movies playing on one of it's four screens, echoes loudly to remind one of theatres so common place on Pre-RIFTS Earth. The second business, is not disimilar to any average video rental store on Pre-RIFTS Earth. There are several shelves full of video cases, which you take to the counter, for them to pull from the rack behind the customer service counter, to give to you. Both portions of the business are well maintained, and have an ample number of personnel to give service to.
Description of Services: It's a movie house! Movies may be viewed on one of the the four big screens for a cost of six credits per person, or four for children. (No, they don't bother to see if they are shape shifters either - not enough of them to worry about, over a two credit difference.) Such a large selection of movies were recovered from the dig listing them would be impractical, instead determine what movies are playing via this system;

01-20% Comedy
21-40% Action
41-60% Western
61-80% Horror
81-00% Romance or Family

*Note: ADULT movies are not shown here, as they are not thought to be classy enough.

Additionally, inside of the main lobby they sell buttered popcorn for 2-5 credits a bag, soft drinks for 2-5 credits a cup, and candy for 1-2 credits a package.

The side business of movie rentals offers video disks (Copies of the originals of course.) for 6 credits per disk for two nights, or 11 credits to purchase a copy of the movie. In either case, there is a one time 10 credit membership fee. No more than 8 are rented out to any one individual at a time.

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