Livery Stable

Owner: Government owned and operated.
Reputation: It is a reliable place to store beasts of burden for short periods of time.
Description of Stables: A fairly large wooden and concrete structure. Most of the stables are composed of wood, and do not exceed 24' in height - a portion to the far south of the building however, stands nearly 30' in height and is composed of composite ceramic construction, of the mega-damage variety - with a pair of garage style doors, also reinforced leading into it. It is painted a drab brown color over all, and has a wooden sign above the entrance to the wooden portion, "Wa-Daisho City's Livery Stable". Inside are 40 stalls of horse size, although some of the dividers can be removed to make room for larger riding animals that may need to spread wings or what not. There are five pens at the south end of the stable however, that are reserved for supernatural mounts, such as Pegasus, Ostrosaurus, etc.
Description of Services: Provides a safe boarding condition location, for beasts of burden and riding animals - immediately off of the ferry, so that a traveler can first check in his or her animal(s) then wander into town to find room and board. Costs for storage, care, and feed are as follows;

  • 10 credits a day for horses, ponies, etc.
  • *20 credits a day for carnivorous animals.
  • *100 credits a day for supernatural herbivores.
  • *200 credits a day for supernatural carnivores.

    * Note that the owner MUST sign a release paper that he claims full responsibility for this animals behavior in the pens, that it will not attempt to attack care givers at any point, notwithstanding any form of abuse inflicted upon the animal. Any damages inflicted by the animal then must be compensated by the owner of the beast, and if anyone dies compensation must be paid to the family of those slain. Note that nothing outwardly dangerous, snarling, or barking savagely will even be permitted.

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