Wa-Daisho Import & Export Center

Owner: Government owned and operated.
Reputation: It is reputed to be the center of Wa-Daisho's economic strength. In many ways the men and women who work here, are the heart and soul of Wa-Daisho. They permit Wa-Daisho's economy to grow at a manageable pace, through accurate in and unbiased research and decision making.
Description of Building: This is a large five story building that is 350' in length (East to West) and 120' wide (North to South) built outside of all of the walls in Wa-Daisho, near the West Bay dry docks. It is an office building built of reinforced concrete, with armored doors, and high security. On the roof is a pair of reinforced helicopter pads (60'x60' each) that regularly carry dignitaries to and from various places in the city, and across Wa-Daisho. To the South of the building, is a large fountain, with three main streams that come up from the center and cascade down into the pool around it. At night, each of these streams is lit up by a small light - one blue, one red, and one white - representing the three founding nations of the Alliance, Kyatashiro, Wa-Daisho, and Desert Star. As mentioned the building is armored, and has a structural M.D.C. of 4,200, or 150 M.D.C. per 20'x20' section of wall. The windows are bullet proof, with 25 M.D.C. each, and the armored doors are 65 M.D.C. each.
Description of Services: This establishment is designed as a location where experts in economics, export, and import may get together crunch numbers and decide what is to leave and what is to enter the Republic - while taking into careful consideration what is needed in the Republic of Wa-Daisho. Once this information is gathered, it is then sent over to the Akersley Trade Center, where trades based upon this information may be arranged with foreign dignitaries.

Important Author's Note: This Import & Export Center & Akersley Trade Center was designed while thinking of the World Trade Centers of New York in mind, back during the mid '90s. Back then I never would have dared imagine that the real things would ever be gone. I leave these buildings however, untouched, and unchanged from my original view. I only wish that scribbling a few figures on a piece of paper would have been enough to armor the real things so that they could not be harmed. Even still, never forget.

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