The Stone Tavern

Owner: This tavern, one of the oldest in the City of Wa-Daisho, is owned and operated by Keith and his wife Myra Tamis, a Titan couple originally from the Palladium World. After adventuring on Earth together for several years, they finally decided to settle down in Wa-Daisho to open The Stone Tavern. They reside in a modest residence in the back of the establishment, spending most of their free time in the Tavern itself.
Reputation: The Stone Tavern is known as a hang out that caters specifically to the supernatural and superhuman populace of Wa-Daisho. Few humans, high or lower class would dare wander into the shop. Although popular among it's clientele, there has been more than a little trouble with accidental killings in bar fights, and lately there have been protests against the establishment after Keith was actually brought up on charges of Racial Discrimination for refusing service to a Jotan that wandered into his establishment.
Description of Shop: This appears to be a rather non-descript three story gray ceramic/concrete building that measures approximately 150'x200'. In the front (North side of the establishment) is a painted sign with bold black letters, that say the name of the establishment. (Two small lights in front of the sign illuminate it at night.) There is only one entrance into the Tavern itself, a 20' high double door on the North side of the establishment. Next to the doors, in a number of languages are posted warnings about the clientele and the potentially dangerous atmosphere there. Upon entering, one sees that although the building appears to be three stories from the exterior, it is in actuality a single story with vaulted ceilings, and elevated balconies. However, although built to capacitate giant kind, it is actually mostly frequented by human sized/proportioned clientele. All of the tables to the back and sides of the bar are human sized, with human sized chairs, same with those located on the balconies. The bar however is proportioned to suit a Titan - and seats everything from Titans to Gargoyles comfortably.
Description of Services: The Stone Tavern is best known providing drink that can effect super human creatures, even dragon kind. Their most famous imported drinks such as the Borg Battery Acid famous in Silvereno, Mindbender Beer from Tolkeen, Dwarven Spirits from Kingsdale, and Dragon Drink from Lazlo all flow freely here, and can cost anywhere from 5-25 credits for a 16 oz. glass. Occasional specials are held to showcase new imports, or new concoctions brewed by regular patrons. Entertainment is music, and an integrated stereo system, allows patrons to select three songs per credit paid at an ATM looking device, that is essentially a make shift juke box.

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