Evangelical Christian Cathedral

Owner: Self proclaimed Bishop Mohammad Tomrahd, opened the Cathedral only in the last couple of years, after retiring his small church just outside of the religion district of Wa-Daisho. Bishop Tomrahd is a short balding fellow, who wears thick eyeglasses, has a thin moustache, olive complexion, and appears to be in his mid to late fifties. Although claiming to be a man of God, he more seems to be a man of Gold, spending a great deal of the money he receives from the communal offering plate on his wardrobe and personal effects.
Reputation: Being the center of Christian belief in the western most nation of the America's, believers of the bible feel that it is a serene house of God, to be revered and kept well through donations of both money and services. Those who do not believe in the Christian faith, hear far too many stories about Bishop Tomrahd's misuse of donated money - and rumors about far worse things that the Bishop has supposedly done.
Description of Cathedral: The Cathedral is a tall, Elizabethan style structure, with pointed spires, black granite construction, and a tall pointed Steeple. The front doors are built of polished black ebony, with fittings made of polished black iron - and the windows are made of brightly colored stained glass. Despite it's odd exterior, it's interior resembles any Christian cathedral of the Pre-RIFTS world, with pues, an altar, an ornate cross behind the altar, a magnificent pipe organ, ornate statues and fittings thoughout. Also contained within this structure is quarters for the Bishop, and a half dozen other attendants of the faith.
Description of Services: Sunday services, Sunday school for the children, weddings, babtisms, and Christian services of all various sorts are conducted here usually for a fee.

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