Wa-Daisho City

      Wa-Daisho City is a coastal community of approximately 58,000, built on a small lip that reaches out into the Pacific providing a small south eastern and larger western port. The entire city is surrounded by walls with a gate in the North Western part of the city leading to the West Port, and an opening at the south side of the city for the south port. It is a modern city with both high technology and magic in use. The streets are clean and the structures are safe and uniform. The city is patrolled by military personnel assigned to policing activities. Streets and roads are paved and well maintained, the vehicles are mostly electric powered. Power is mostly nuclear. The places of interest have been summarized below as per your' specific request;

1. Wanese Comodities Store: A government owned and operated department store with fair prices & good products. A variety of items can be attained from fresh produce, meats, and canned goods - to alcohol and cigarettes made with greenhouse grown tobacco or marijuana. It also has an automotive department and a survival equipment department, along with most anything else found in large Pre-RIFTS department stores.

2. L & N Vibro Weapons: A high quality limited bladed weapons manufacturer that specializes in vibro weapons and high quality ancient weapons, that is owned by the city founder Nyan Tamya & his friend Logan Nothwatch. Prices are high 30-40% above normal weapon price, but all are of excellent quality. Custom orders are accepted, and all sorts of ornate features may be added to weaponry for a cost.

3. International Firearms: Scott Foresman, the owner is an old head hunter who's only out to make a buck or two before he dies - legitimately. It's wares include most any weapon type from, projectile weapons, rail guns, lasers, partical beams, and weapons of all sorts of different types, available in the Eastern part of the continent, and occasionally an exotic type or two. Prices tend to be 5-10% higher than anywhere else on the continent. Scott DOES have some connections with the black market in Wa-Daisho, Midnight Blue.

4. S-Mart Outlet: This shop is a by the book outlet for S-mart, the Desert Star based weapons and equipment manufacturing facility that appeared on the scene almost overnight. Much of it's facilities are designed to comfort and pamper the interested party including drinks, comfortable chairs, attractive displays and similar. Aside from selling S-Mart wares, they also offer repair services in a repair bay for all different types. (10% discount of services to repair an S-Mart type.)

5. The Golden Laddle: A blue collar restaraunt owned by a professional businessman from Lazlo who is seldom around. It's clean, and has good quality food, but is not so terribly expensive as to be off limits to the common man.

6. The Arts of Woodworking: A furniture store that deals specifically with artful wooden furniture. The craftsmanship is excellent with the wood type always being the customers choice of Redwood, Oak, or Cedar construction. It is owned and operated by a former wilderness scout turned craftsman named Terry Thorne, who lives right in the shop with a pair of female timber wolves!

7. Lance's Grill & Alehouse: A greasy spoon and restaraunt owned by a retired Cyber-Knight named Sir Lance Olgmann. It is a rough and tumble place, that does NOT frown upon fights - if anything, they are encouraged by the former Warhound owner! Despite it's rough atmosphere, it's generally well liked by the warrior classes, and is kept free of corruption due to the high concentration of knights and straight laced troops!

8. Goodie's Bakery: Goodie is the only dedicated bakery in Wa-Daisho. It is owned and operated by an elderly elven couple named Meldra & Tarl Weis, who live in the second story of their shop. They are more or less the town sweethearts, everyone loves the Weises - if anything would happen to either of them, it'd cause a huge public uproar. Quality is good, and their slogan being "finest West of El Paso" is well earned.

9. Crossed Swords Tavern & Inn: A high priced, fine dining and drinking establishment with little tolerance for the lesser classes in society. It is owned by Sylvia Vess, a selfish woman who cheated and blackmailed her way to the top - and yes, even into ownership of this establishment. Rough and tumble characters, or those who are poorly dressed are likely to be asked to leave, hassled, or poorly served.

10. Lisa's Pets & Toys: A pet and toy store specifically designed to cater to the children of Wa-Daisho. The owner is a former member of the Tenzan Elite, a Psi-Stalker who went by the name of Wraith the Assassin Slayer! Her soft spot in her heart however was always for children.

11. Shinto Shrine: A traditional Shinto shrine opened by the founder of the Republic, Nyan Tamya. It's now maintained and serviced by a half dozen Kannushi (Shinto Priests.) It is an open grounds shrine surrounded by a rather non-descript white stone wall, with the traditional Torii gateway at the entrance, and a small plain looking white fountain next to the entrance. Inside is a serene garden of cherry trees, ornate exotic shrubs, and rock gardens, surrounding a fish pond. At the back, is a Shinto temple. It is an elevated structure, with a granite stone stairway leading up the front of it. Inside of the temple a half dozen Kannushi (Shinto Priests), conduct a number of services for a cost.

12. Church of Dragonwright: This place is owned and operated by four priests, one for each of the God Dragons. Although regarded with some suspicion from natives of the Palladium World, it is a legitimate, law abiding place of worship.

13. Temple of Heroes: A greek styled building that is a Lazlo funded establishment, which gives recognition to true heroes both ancient and modern. Such notables as Erin Tarn, Sir Winslow Thorpe, King Arthuu, and Nyan Tamya are all recognized here with statues, plaques & paintings depicting great acts they have conducted.

14. Evangelical Christian Cathedral: A modern reproduction of an ornate Cathedral as might have been found in Pre-RIFTS times. It is owned and operated by the self proclaimed Bishop Mohammad Tomrahd. Essentially this is the place of worship for the growing number of Christians in Wa-Daisho. Despite it's facade of holiness, the Bishop is quite corrupt, and uses his clout as a Bishop to get more money out of parishoners - which he promptly spends on a fine quality home, vehicles, and especially his wardrobe.

15. Akersley Fishing Corporation: This is the only commercial fishing corporation in Wa-Daisho City. Unlike most businesses in the area, this one was present long before Nyan ever approached the area with plans of building a city. At that time James Akersley served the village by trading fish and shell fish, for other goods valuable to the village, at Water Point Preserve, and beyond. Now however, they rarely venture more than 50 miles offshore without military protection.

16. Akersley Boat Rental: An addition made later, after Wa-Daisho was established as an official Republic, James Akersley created a boat rental resort for the growing masses. What better way to capitalize on the growing masses?! Among their leasing stock are ten small fishing boats (30'), 2 ferries (Max capacity is 200 people and 15 automobiles.), 10 sail boats (20'), & 2 Yautes (40'). They also have a fairly constant supply of Jet Skiis, Scuba Gear, and Underwater Sleds.

17. United Trappers of Wa-Daisho: THE source for good quality furs in Wa-Daisho City. There are actually seven owners to this shop, seven Wilderness Scouts that maintain, stock, and own the shop in a united venture. They supply about 95% of the fur that comes into Wa-Daisho, the other 5% coming from traveling trappers who set up shop for a day or two and then leave.

18. Butcher Shop: The butcher shop is actually an offshoot from the United Trappers of North America, as they supply fresh meats such as rabbit, squirrel, venison, and bear meat with occasional exotic exceptions. Prices are cheap, because little but skill in trapping goes into the attaining of these animals, to be brought back for slaughter.

19. The Masterpeice Hair Salon: A good quality hair salon that is owned and operated by Sarah Tikes, a good natured, slightly attractive woman who is also one of the biggest gossips in Wa-Daisho. Prices range from 5-100 credits depending on the intricacy of the job.

20. Southbay Lighthouse: A government owned and operated light house that stands 50' tall. It provides visual as well as radio navigational aids (adds +20% for piloting and navigational skill rolls) to vessels in waters surrounding Wa-Daisho. (750 M.D.C.)

21. Histories of Religion: A cerebral place that provides a scholars perspective of various religion's histories, without bias or propaganda - everything is recorded, and documented - and the study is conducted from there. It is a fascinating place of learning among scholars and cerebral persons, but among the general populace it is thought of as being quite boring! Religious sorts also will avoid it due to it's inability to smooth over shortcomings of religions.

22. Wa-Daisho City Elementary School 1st District: A government owned and staffed school designed for children between the ages of 5-12 years of age. It can accomodate up to 2,000 students at a time. Students are taught to speak and read American, basic mathematics, rudimentary history of North America since the cataclysm and a tad about Pre-RIFTS Earth, as well as basic understanding for the RIFTS, magic, various races, but more over discipline, honor, tolerance, and respect.

23. Wa-Daisho City High School 1st District: A government owned and staffed school designed for children between the ages of 12-18 years of age. It can accomodate up to 2,000 students at a time. Students are taught advanced mathematics, biology, writing, computer operations, and one language/literacy skill of choice. The skills also attained in Elementary school are reinforced and brushed up upon, as is the dedication to discipline honor, and similar concepts. Leadership qualities are also explored, as is responsibility. Characters fresh out of this school are Vagabond or City Rats, and all skills given must be selected under the O.C.C..

24. Zachary's Hometown Cafe: An A+ establishment with sensible prices, and "like home" cooked meals, that is owned by Vice General Zachary Tobard. It's main attraction is a huge projection screen television, and one other slightly smaller that plays music videos from both pre and post RIFTS eras.

25. The Stone Tavern: The Stone Tavern is a large structure, with huge doors, seldom traveled by normal humans, because this establishment is designed specifically with supernatural creatures in mind for it's clientele! It's biggest attraction is it's fairly ready supply of dragon drink from Lazlo, that costs 25 credits per 16 ounce drink.

26. The Coinspinner Casino: A large and flashy casion owned by an underworld tycoon from Kingsdale named Rob Zombie. He is seldom ever present at this casino, but a great deal of controversy surrounds this man, and the sort of company he keeps. Even Midnight Blue seems to avoid this place, because it has some kind of upper level connection with the government of Wa-Daisho. As for services it is a very nice casino/lounge/buffet/hotel, and is in general a money making industry all on it's own. It's poker players and blackjack dealers are quite skilled, but are not infalable. (Gambling: 80%) As for games of chance, work them simply with the dice, in this way;

Games of Chance;
01-10% Wins.
11-00% Loses.

01-75% Break Even.
76-85% +1D4x10 Credits.
86-95% Double Your' Money!
96-99% +1D4x10,000 Credits.

27. The Wound Healer Clinic: A government owned and financed hospital with complete facilities including a cybernetic limb and organ replacement ward, and a mystic analysis and rejuvenation ward, and most all of those which were available in Pre-RIFTS time. It is easily the best hospital west of Desert Star.

28. Wa-Daisho Merchant Drive: The merchant drive is a loop of a road where traveling merchants can set up their tables or carts to sell whatever wares they have. There are regulations that cover how long such a merchant may remain in business without a permit, however those are covered under Various Living Expenses of Wa-Daisho. Such items that may be regularly found here are furs, leather goods, home spun clothing, carvings, various artwork, food vendor carts, used goods, game carts, snake oil vendors, and similar. It is patrolled heavily, to prevent the typical crime found in merchant squares of cities.

29. University of Wa-Daisho: A first class facility of higher education, which is arguably the best University in free lands, aside from the University of Lazlo perhaps. It can accomodate up to 4,500 students in all manners of courses that would prepare the character for occupations such as Operator, Scientist, Scholar, Body Fixer, Cyber-Doc, and the military occupations of Wa-Daisho, among other civilian based career lines. Students with a B+ grade average in High School attain scholarships, as do those who pledge at least 3-10 years of military service in exchange for education. Otherwise the student or his/her family must pay for the schooling.

30. Arcane Theory: The only noteworthy magic shop in Wa-Daisho is this creepy little place owned by Warthinsa Silverleaf, a high level elven ley line walker. Spells levels 1-7 may be taught for quite high prices, scrolls levels 1-4 may be purchased, and all manner of magic related materials may be purchased here. Warthinsa does have limited relations with Midnight Blue, as he does with the Blue Water Mages Guild. His past is even more shaded than anyone realizes - having the unwarranted responsibility, for the death of Nostrus Dunscon placed upon him! (If Alistair knew he was here, he would be actively hunted.)

31. Grand Imports: A department type store that specializes in products supplied from outside of Wa-Daisho. It is owned and operated by an ambitious young businessman named Jason Reid. He plans to draw money from this business to begin building other businesses as well. Such goods available include imported foods, household items, nicknacks, seashells, jewelry, tools, survival equipment, and even a handful of various energy pistols, and a modest selection of armor are available. (Main book stuff mostly, plus some Bandito Arms.)

32. Alliance Bank: This bank is the Wa-Daisho branch of a bank that spans the entire Alliance. They provide Credit Accounts, which are valid in all the Allied Nations, for a cost of 150 credits. Savings accounts are provided that cost only 20 credits to activate, which they then provide a 7% interest rate for any money left in the account for over 6 months. Lock boxes are also provided and are 20 credits for small ones (1'x2'), 50 credits for medium ones (3'x3'), and 100 credits for large ones (5'x3'x5'). Loans are only made to citizens of Wa-Daisho, with a 12% interest rate a year. There is an absolute limit of 250,000 credits to any loan made by Alliance Bank.

33. Museum of the Golden Age: A government financed project. The present manager is Trisga Renvas an Aberrant Lizard Man, who is obsessed with the history of the world his parents settled on - Earth. He goes to all ends to attain new exhibits, and fails to ask questions about how it was attained, just the general location. It has become quite popular for it's "Lifestyles" branch, and it's "Military" branch. Such exhibits include household goods, cans with well preserved labels, and how Pre-RIFTS society was so obsessed with appearance. One of the greatest draws is a television news broadcast played continuously found in some ruins several years back. The Military section, describes the evolution of the firearm, the use of armor, and has examples of Pre-RIFTS energy weapons including the M-160 of the New Navy, the C-12 of the US Army/CS Army. The largest items in this branch is a Northern Canada Aviation Technology (NCAT) CF-52 Falcon II (Derivative of the IHA Grey Falcon.), and an M1A2 Abrams both restored to static display condition.

34. The Diamond Forge: The Diamond Forge is an example of an oddity in business. It is owned by an adult Chiang Ku dragon, named Aben Wu, but he goes by the name Galdus and a roughly human appearance. He is an extremely high level stone master that has learned to mold not only stone, but organic minerals such as coal and metallic ores as well! He uses this ability regularly to turn regular coal into diamond sculptures, of exquisite beauty! Nobody knows where he came from, or where he goes once a year. In reality however, he is a dupe for the Splugorth sent to Wa-Daisho to observe Wa-Daisho and report it's successes and failures to his masters once a year. His shop is defended by a suit of Diamond Plate armor that in reality is a Rune Statue!! His prices are high, naturally, but all high class peoples crow over his goods as though they are indicators of their specific rank in society.

35. Clearwater Custom Jewelers: Scott Jacobsen and his lovely wife Claire run this quality establishment. They are both City Rats, and grew up on the streets of Tolkeen coveting the fine things of wealthy people. A bizarre turn of events put Scott into the position as an apprentice jeweler which eventually led to Scott inheriting the old man's Tolkeen business when he passed on. He was a jeweler there for ten years before the pre-war hysteria forced him to leave Tolkeen, minus some 450,000 credits worth of gems and diamonds siezed by Tolkeenite Mystic Military Intelligence. (MMI) His present business is named after the old, and produces excellent jewelry for moderately high prices. Scott however is notorious for his soft heart, and has been known to cut GREAT deals for underpriviledged customers, especially fools in love with an underpriviledged lady.

36. Jay's Pawn & Barter: This ugly business is owned by Jay Kesselrig, formerly Sir Kesselrig the Slayer, before being cast out for savagery in the name of the Knighthood. Now, he's a smelly overweight slug of a man who eats too much junk, and lives in his Television. His shop is a joke that preys upon the downtrodden, with everything else here sold "as is" near or above retail price.

37. Akersley Fish Market: Another part of the Akersley corporate empire. This establishment sells all manner of fish and shellfish, plus accessories for meals that would include fish in it. They mostly sell it fresh, although frozen and canned is available. Left overs from fresh sales are either frozen or are retained to be ground up for pet food or as chum for the following day of fishing.

38. John Wayne Movie Theater: The John Wayne movie theatre was built by a scholar who had some early success in finding a treasure trove of preserved vid disks from the golden age. This theatre is like most pre-RIFTS examples complete with overpriced snacks and drinks, with four big screens playing various movies both pre-RIFTS, and post. There is also a movie rental portion of the theatre as well to take home copies of the vid disks.

39. *Wa-Daisho Import & Export Center: A large five story building that is dedicated to the economic specialists who determine what products should be imported and exported. This is essentially the heart monitor of Wa-Daisho's economy - it is where all markets in Wa-Daisho and abroad are monitored, and information is brought together. Then all information gathered is handed over to the Akersley Trade Center...

40. *Akersley Trade Center: This establishment is the second half to the whole of the trade centers of Wa-Daisho. This similar five story facility also houses economic experts, but are accompanied by diplomats and various political advisors. This place is entirely focused on determining what should be exported in exchange for what imports, and is also where trade terms are negotiated between Wa-Daisho and foreign powers, or with independant merchants.

41. Wa-Daisho Public Library: This government owned facility is one of the finest libraries in the Americas, second perhaps only to the grand library of Chi-Town that was supposedly destroyed. A vast assortment of books, both pre-RIFTs, and post-cataclysm are kept here. All books are in actuality copies of the originals, with pages that are photocopied, laminated and placed in color coded plastic binders according to where what category they belong in. They are all clearly marked as library books. Also located here is a large computer terminal section, where the whole of the library's resources may be drawn upon on one terminal, plus the WaNet servers, and a book store may be found in this same building.

42. Westbay Lighthouse: Identical to the Southbay Lighthouse, only it is much larger. (1,500 M.D.C.)

43. Empty Business: A 220'x130' building, that was formerly a night club that was a front for the crime syndicate operating in the Allied Nations, Midnight Blue. The owner is presently asking for 55,000 plus tax (Total is 58,850 credits plus 1,540 in property tax every year.)

44. Divine Tatoo & Massage Parlor: A Midnight Blue front through and through, supposedly owned and operated by a young entrepeneur who worked his way up. This place offers it's clientele good quality tatoos of any complexity or simplicity desired, massage services by only the best looking women and/or men. Those in the know also realize that with a few extra credits the ladies and gentlemen may also provide horizontal refreshment. Some are licensed, others are not. Also provided are saunas and hot tubs.

45. Livery Stable: This government owned facility provides a safe boarding location, for beasts of burden and riding animals - immediately off of the ferry, so that a traveler can first check in his or her animal(s) then wander into town to find room and board for him/herself. There are 40 horse/pony sized stalls and five larger pens designed to hold supernatural creatues. Costs for storage, care, and feed are as follows;

  • 10 credits a day for horses, ponies, etc.
  • *20 credits a day for carnivorous animals.
  • *100 credits a day for supernatural herbivores.
  • *200 credits a day for supernatural carnivores.

    *Note: The owner IS responsible for his animals actions, and will be held accordingly if they do something to the caretakers or to property.

    46. Laoc's Repair: A shoddy looking repair depot run by a dwarven engineer from somewhere out East, named Laoc Kettlebrew. He can repair almost anything mechanical, but specializes in hovercraft/auto repair. Although he is qualified to rebuild/repair weapons and armor, he seldom does unless paid double to triple standard prices. Laoc is always grumpy, but is also notoriously greedy so he will seldom chase away a customer with grump.

    47. Laoc's Fossil Fuel Station: The other half of Laoc's business is this fossil fuel station and convenience store. Food, drink, and snacks may be attained here, as well as motor oil, and other maintenance related goods. Everything from low grade gasoline to kerosine is available for 20 credits a gallon.

    48. Wa-Daisho Civic Center: If the Wa-Daisho Import & Export Center and Akersley Trade Center are considered the hearts of Wa-Daisho's economic strength, the Civic Center is the heart of the society that is Wa-Daisho. It serves as an office building for Wa-Daisho's public utilities, a court house, and it also hosts concerts, indoor fairs, television talk shows, comic routines, plays, speeches, club meetings, auctions, swap meets, and seminars of all sorts. Most notable the Civic Center also hosts the "Status of the Republic Picnic" held ever month on the 15th. For details on this, please see; Wa-Daisho's Holidays.

    49. Wa-Daisho City Park: Wa-Daisho's city park is a serene place meant as a place of relaxation, meditation, and well being. It's football field sized grass area is well kept, as are the 20' oaks lining the edges well trimmed. A fountain displaying a nymph in a wilderness seen is one of it's popular attractions, surrounded with a walkway, and with white flowers surrounding that, with red flowers set into them that spell out the words, "The Republic of Wa-Daisho". Typically while the Civic Center hosts the Status of the Republic Picnics, it is most often held outdoors in the park, as where during bad weather it is held indoors.

    50. The Merchantman's Pub: Another Midnight Blue front, that is one of their capital areas of Black Market sales! It is a very rough and tumble and lewd seaman's bar, right out on the west bay water front. The place crawls with black marketeers, drug dealers, ladies of the night, and the darkest figures in Wa-Daisho. The drinks are cheap and of poor quality. There is a 15 credit cover charge to get in, unless you can discretely display a Black Market Credit card, in which case you get in for free. There are also back rooms with poker games, none with an entry fee under 2,500 credits, and there are some beds back there for the complementary use of "special" guests, ie. those in good standing with the Black Market/Midnight Blue.

    51. The Merchantman's Inn: The Merchantman's Inn is much the same as the Pub mentioned above, a front for Midnight Blue. This establishment offers beds for a cheap price in private rooms, or in a big communal flop room for even less money. It's not a very good place to stay, unless you have picked up company so to speak, or if you are too drunk to go anywhere better. Ladies of the Night in the lobby also push their services here.

    52. Akersley Ship Construction/Contractor: The latest edition to Akersley's corporate empire, was this Ship Construction facility. They have a single large dry dock that can produce or repair a vessel that is up to 400' in length. See pages 135-137 of RIFTS Underseas for ship types. For prices, just increase the prices on the previously mentioned pages by 20% for non combatant types, and by 50% for combat vessels.

    53. Wa-Daisho National Shipyards: Several times larger than the Akersley Ship Construction facilities, these shipyards are where Wa-Daisho's military get most of their ships. There are three dry docks/ship yards, two smallish ones capable of building two Battlemaster Class Cruisers each at once or four Blacksharks each at once. The third, and largest of them all, is primarily a dock for the Dalmir Class Carriers, but is designed so that two retractable plate doors swing up from the leveled bottom to close off the walled area, at which time the water is carefully drained, to make this the dry dock. One Dalmir Class Carrier may be built here or two Javelin class Battleships, or four Battlemaster Class Cruisers or finally eight blackshark class patrol boats!!

    54. Republican Smelting Company: This government owned facility is the only smelting facility in Wa-Daisho. They turn raw ores into raw metal for use in various industries. Most metals are molded into small nuggets for easy use in industry. Mercury when smelted however, which in it's natural form is liquid, is placed in extremely thick, effectively shatterproof glass jars.

    55. Republican Durable Materials Manufacturing Facility: This factory produces two mega-damage materials for use in both the civilian field and the military field. The types they produce are; merctite, a specially processed alloy of titanium and mercury which is in effect an extremely dense metal that is VERY tough. The other type is the more common ceraphite, which essentially is a super tough ceramic sandwiched with layers of graphite, creating a super strong composite material that cannot be broken easily.

    56. Rachel's Mercantile Productions: Rachel's is a textile and clothing manufacturing facility named after a rather noteworthy woman who used to produce high quality fashion in Wa-Daisho. She sadly passed on in 117PA, and her estate was purchased by a Hope Barony corporate entity that promptly took her well respected name for it's own.

    57. Wa-Daisho Silicon & Glassware: This government owned facility creates silicon based computer components and a WIDE variety of glasswares, including electrical components, light bulbs, glass dinnerware, glass "silverware", pots, pans, nicknacks, etc.

    *Important Author's Note: The Import & Export Center & Akersley Trade Center were designed while thinking of the World Trade Centers of New York in mind, back during the mid '90s. Back then I never would have dared imagine that the real things would ever be gone. I leave these buildings however, untouched, and unchanged from my original view of the towers. Even still, never forget.

    For details on Nobunaga Palace please go here..

    Wa-Daisho Underground City

          Although the city of Wa-Daisho is approximately 58,000 strong, an entire fifth of that resides in the underground portion of the city!! The details regarding this underground city may be found at the following page; Wa-Daisho Underground City.

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