Museum of the Golden Age

Owner: Government owned and staffed on government payroll. The present manager of the establishment is Trisga Renvas a level 8 Lizard Man of Aberrant alignment, who is obsessed with the history of the world his parents settled on - Earth. He is so obsessed with it, he deals quite frequently with Midnight Blue, the Black Market of the Allied Nations, to attain new pieces for "his" museum. He never asks questions of the method items are attained, just the location.
Reputation: Museum of the Golden Age is quite popular among the more cerebral peoples of Wa-Daisho, frequented by young and old alike. Tourists attend the museum daily, and citizens attend the monthly expos to see new exhibits on display.
Description of Shop: The Museum of the Golden Age is a large three story structure red brick structure, with exits at each side of the building, with stairs leading up to them. The business front of the establishment is at the North side of the building, with large pillars supporting an overhanging roof, that covers the entrance of the building. On display on this open air entrance, is a sculpted slate of white marble, with a Pre-RIFTS Rand McNally world map etched into the white marble, with the etchings then stained a dark color. The sign, in the front of the establishment, is set off away from the front, on a pedestal in the well maintained lawn, with golden letters reading "Museum of the Golden Age", that is illuminated by a pair of lights hidden at the base of the sign, after dark. Inside is a map in a glass enclosed pedastal, that describes what each of the wings of the museum exhibit during this week. The exhibits that always remain are, "Lifestyle During the Golden Age", and "Military of the Golden age". Lifestyle includes household goods, cans with well preserved labels, and a description of how economic success during the era constantly caused competition on every level, including companies that would supply identical products to anothers, using catchy tunes on television, catch phrases, and a more eye pleasing label. Television during this era is described in how governments of all sorts controlled what was said to either rally or sedate the populace, by controlling the mood of news that was released ... and so on. Constantly playing on an authentic Pre-RIFTS television, is a news broadcast from July 16, 2052 that was recovered from a ruin near old Portland Oregon - which is always a hit among tourists. The Military section, begins by describing how the firearm evolved so meteorically from the 19th to 21st centuries that technology was difficult for all countries to keep up on. A number of firearms from the 19th century are displayed, along with a handful of those from the 20th century, describing categorically the advances that were made with the designs over the years. In the 21st century section they describe the firearm as it evolved to become energy weapons, including the Laser, Particle Beam, Plasma Ejector, and Rail Gun in place of the Automatic Rifle, Grenade Launcher, Flame Thrower, and Machine Gun. A number of weapon designs are presented here, as examples of Pre-RIFTS energy weapons including the M-160 of the New Navy, the C-12 of the US Army/CS Army. The largest two items in their military display is a Northern Canada Aviation Technology (NCAT) CF-52 Falcon II (Interceptor version of the Gray Falcon, that is not as heavily armed or armored as the IHA Gray Falcon.), and an M1A2 Abrams both restored to static display condition and placed in the main hall. The last portion of the tour describes several theories of how it ended, and has several known hallmarks of the RIFTS world as it is today, and how they are actually hold overs from the old world. A rebuilt Glitterboy hulk, with no electronics, or mechanizations inside, is displayed here as a prime example of this.
Description of Services: Gives tours to educate people on the condition of life, and what life was like on Pre-RIFTS Earth. Including a taste of how technologies came about to where they are today.

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