Akersley Boat Rental

Owner: James Akersley, an old timer from before Wa-Daisho was even called Wa-Daisho. James surrendered the helm as the mayor of the small town, in favor of the new nation to be built. He has since focused on his family's tradition of fishing - by building up a large corporate entity known as Akersley Fishing. He's quite wealthy but doesn't flaunt it a lot, he's average height, is clean shaven, with short cropped silver hair. He appears to be in his mid '60s. These days he spends most of his time at the office of his fishing corporation dressed in blue collar appearing suits, or out checking on his fishing fleet in blue jeans and a flannel, being flown around in his personal Type 16 executive aircraft. He does very little fishing at his age, but is still very active in the fuctions of his business.
Reputation: Akersley's boat rental establishment is known to be more of an after thought business than a key marketing establishment for Akersley. Thus it is on the expensive side, and just brings in a little more revenue towards the Akersley marketing empire. They are popular though, and many people use the services of this business at some point during the summers.
Description of Shop: The shop itself is a wooden structure, painted a light tan color - most every year and is located right directly next door to Akersley's Fishing Corporation. It is much smaller being composed of an office at the front, with a sign in book, to reserve boats for future outtings, and a list of boats being posted on a bullitin board for boats that were reserved, but are available that day for whatever reason. Behind the office, is a store room with small paddle boats, rafts, swimming gear, scuba gear, snorkels, and a butt load of floatation devices.
Description of Services: Akersley Boat Rental provides rental of various small vessels and various water gear for recreational purposes. All of these vessels and gear has Akersley's logo emblazoned upon them in a paint resistant finish. Among those vessels available are; 10 small fishing boats (30'); 45 credits an hour, 10 sail boats (20'); 15 credits an hour, 2 Yautes (40'); 50 credits an hour. All of this in addition to those small boats mentioned above that run 5 credits an hour, plus Jet Skiis and Underwater Sleds at 10 credits an hour. Akersley Boat Rental also maintains and operates 2 ferries that transport people to Water Point Preserve twice a day, once at 10 AM, returning at 1 PM, and again at 6 PM, returning at 9 PM. (Max capacity is 200 people and 15 automobiles.) Fees are 6 credits a person, and 25 credits per automobile.

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