Republican Silicon & Glassware

Owner: Government owned & operated.
Reputation: They are known as the manufacturers to good, high quality silicon components for computers, as well as glass components to electronic equipment. Their line of glasswares for around the house is fair as well, although their glass "silverware" is not very popular - a drop usually is all it takes for a prong to break off of a fork.
Description of Establishment: Dwarfed by other industries in the area, the Republican Silicon & Glassware plant is still none the less a fairly major manufacturer in Wa-Daisho. It's structure is that of a red brick building, with a black roof, and a large sign out front with a black background, and raised golden lettering that reads "Republican Silicon & Glasswares Plant". It is a two story structure, that measures approximately 300' north to south, by 100' west to east.
Description of Services: This plant manufactures silicon components to electronics, plus a line of glass wares including pots and pans, jars, bottles, utensils, trinkets, vases, dinner ware, eye glasses, optics lenses, laser magnification lenses, light bulbs, and windows among other things.

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