South Bay Lighthouse

Owner: Government owned and operated, it is manned 24 hours a day by two spotters and a lighthouse keeper.
Reputation: It has no real reputation, except for being an accurate visual aid for guiding vessels into the south bay.
Description of Lighthouse: A 50' high white pillar shaped light house, with a red tiled conical roof, and modern fittings for the light. It is a very strong structure built with a heavy ceramic skin, and a reinforced merctite geodetic construction frame, supported by merctite beams that are loosely hinged to permit for gentle swaying with hurricane force winds or stronger, to reduce the impact of waves should they ever get to that height, or to permit for swaying from earthquakes. Translated - it is a very sturdy structure, that has been designed and built to withstand decades, perhaps centuries of service, with 750 mega-damage.
Description of Services: Acts as a visual aid to vessels approaching the south bay of Wa-Daisho City, for vessels that are either not equipped with higher technology guidance, or vessels that have sustained serious enough damage to not have access to more high tech guidance. It's long reaching light provides a +10% to piloting and navigation rolls when within 40 miles of Wa-Daisho's South Bay. For those with advanced guidance, the west and south lighthouses both transmit vital navigation related data to vessels at a distance of 125 miles, that provides a bonus of +20% to both piloting and navigational skill rolls.

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